Manon Costard sets European Record - [email protected] - Approved

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@Manon_Costard set a pending European Record with [email protected] at the San Gervasio ProAm this past week on her Radar Vapor!! Congrats and awesome skiing!
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    I was thinking she had run -39 before. Was I wrong? Or did she get 0 or 0.5 at -41 previously?

    P.S. It wouldn't be surprising if she handn't run -39 before, because I know for a fact that -39 is impossible...
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    She's my favorite of the top women to watch ski. Just technically brilliant. That and I love her enthusiasm. Like this from when she broke the NCWSA women's record. Have your sound on and try not to smile.

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    What and when was the last record set and by who?. Curious.
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    @Wish Manon set the previous record of [email protected] in 2016, before that with [email protected] in 2015 and Nicole Arthur with [email protected] in 2010
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    Phenomenal skiing by @Manon_Costard!!
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    @Luzz and she did it in a pro event that's insane!
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    Here it is (starts at 4:58 seconds into the video):
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    Wow, so close to getting that 1.25 score.
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