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New Ski!!!! What do you think?

svxwilsonsvxwilson Posts: 42 Baller
Just thought I would share that I took the plunge and have purchased a new ski! I ordered a 2017 CX Superlight, old ski is a 2014 TX Superlight. Last season my Xmax bindings fell apart and HO warrantied them for me and let me upgrade into the Vmax. I had to order the Vmax adapter plate to mount them to my 2014 model ski because it doesn't have HO's new center mount for bindings.

Been skiing with my adapter plates and my TX SL the first half of our season and feel I am ready for something new to help me progress with the course, working at 30mph and 15off currently. I really like the TX SL but I hope the CX SL is similar but quicker and more aggressive.

I am really looking forward to my new ski for several reasons.
1. Get to remove stupid adapter plates from my bindings and use the intended center mount on new ski.
2. Looking for a slightly better course ski as I get into 32 and faster.
3. Red and Black is my Jam!
4. New toys are awesome!!

Tell me what you think, did I make the right choice?


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