Connelly Concept how far can it go

I am wondering what the practical limits of a Connelly concept ski are. I am a 40 yr old who after a 20 year break from being a open rec skier have gotten back into slalom and have started trying the course. I am 6' and weight about 205 lbs I am using a 68" concept behind a nautique 216. I have gotten 30 mph at 15 off and am close to getting 32 (4 bouys). I also have access to a 69" p6 and a 67" F1 if they would be better. I would like to get a full pass at 34 mph and some shorter line lengths at 30 and 32. I know my technique needs work but should I be upgrading my ski too or is the concept plenty to get what I want?

Thanks, we also need someone to tell us what's wrong with our technique if there anyone in the Christopher or Emma lake areas let me know or I'll post a video.


  • customskicustomski Posts: 141 Baller
    About 2006 i was using a Concept and could not run the 28 off pass. The shop gave me a D3 Nomad to try, ran the 28 back to back as soon as i got on it. That was my last ride on the Concept.
  • lakeaustinskierlakeaustinskier Posts: 399 Crazy Baller
    The Concept was a very popular ski back in its day. Unfortunately- not now. I have a Concept screwed into a ski bench on my deck.
    Pick yourself up a more current ski (used or new) and you'll have a lot more fun. Ski-it-again is a great source.
    Ted Thomson, Austin Texas, Aquaplex
  • JmoskiJmoski Posts: 477 Crazy Baller
    A friend of mine switched from an old Concept to an Alloy Senate - the difference was night and day, he is so happy now on the Senate.
  • GregHindGregHind Posts: 395 Crazy Baller
    As far as I know there were various minor tweaks to the Connelly concept but never anything revolutionary. It is a ski from the mid 80's. I used to break mine out for club championships if it was whitecapping because I could run a 30 on it but my 08 prophecy didn't like below 32mph. However I sold it last year because it is a crap ski compared to anything modern. Get a new or at least less than 5 year old ski that suits your current needs.

    Yes it is possible to run 34 on one and I used to be able to but they are so different and so much harder than current skis.
  • GregHindGregHind Posts: 395 Crazy Baller
    Oh and the f1 is too small for you and a wild ride. I had some great years on an early f1 but again the new stuff is so much easier. They will go but they are twitchy, unforgiving, wild and seriously wear you out fast.
  • Canuck44Canuck44 Posts: 20 Baller
    Ok so I'm convinced to get a new one. The concept is a 2014 and I am happy with it compared to the junk combo skis I was using before but if it can be easier why not. Looking at a 69" senate alloy on ski it again and going to call Shuswap ski and board to see what they have too. I like my bindings on the concept any chance I can use them on the senate?
  • GloersenGloersen Posts: 1,254 Mega Baller
    The Radar Senate should have a hole pattern that fits the Connelly rear plate. FB plate will fit.

    BOS archive reference
  • JmoskiJmoski Posts: 477 Crazy Baller
    The Connelly Carbon V would be comparable to the Radar Senate - both are designed as 34 Mph skiis.

    I would try find a friend or a shop with demos to try them out first and see which one you like better.
  • Canuck44Canuck44 Posts: 20 Baller
    I would love to demo one first but no local ski shop here and I don't know anyone with one. Looks like I will have to order one up unless anyone on here has one in the northern Sask area that they want to let me take for a ski
  • Canuck44Canuck44 Posts: 20 Baller
    Isn't performance in Florida how do I demo a ski up in Canada from them?
  • HortonHorton Posts: 32,531 Administrator

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  • pgmoorepgmoore Posts: 214 Solid Baller
    @Canuck44 as a fellow Canadian, by far the easiest way to make this happen is call one of:

    Ocean Sports (Edmonton) - 780.432.1904; or
    Shuswap Ski & Board (Calgary) - (403) 255-0045

    Either of those great shops will set you up, direct from Western Canada.
    Patrick Moore
  • Canuck44Canuck44 Posts: 20 Baller
    I made some calls and perf ski doesn't ship. Shuswap has a 69" senate and so does backside board shop in Saskatoon for the same price . Think I will get one and give it a try. My concept felt good tonight but couldn't get past 3 at 32, 28 and 30 were easy though maybe it's just getting used to 32
    [Deleted User]
  • kidderskierkidderskier Posts: 3 Baller
    I owned a connelly concept until a few years ago. I routinely ran 28 off at 34 mph with no problem. I'm now on a D3 and the new ski is much better, but the concept can do it....just might be easier on a different ski.
  • aupatkingaupatking Posts: 1,796 Mega Baller
    @Canuck44 if you go with the Senate, see if you can get the 2017or 2018 Senate. It's based on the 2016/2017 Vapor shape which, for me, has been the best ski I've ever ridden.
  • Eileen67Eileen67 Posts: 1 New Baller
    What side of the ski do you put the rope on when you start? Or are you dropping a ski.
  • perfskiperfski Posts: 128 Water Ski Industry Professional
    @Canuck44 Thanks for calling.... Demoing skis locally is what we are setup to do as we don't manufacture skis....and have a limited amount of demos. Beyond this, shipping internationally you have the in bound / out bound customs fees to deal with and shipping costs which honestly makes it unrealistic cost wise to do this. That said, like the companies who demo skis....sell them to you....then will take them back within 30 days if they are perfect...we could do something like that also..but again, we don't "refinish" skis and re-sell if the ski is not would not get the full amount back. Sorry this isn't the easy answer...its just the economics of the situation that limit it. That said, you can be assured if you buy a ski from will be setup...fin adjusted...ready to ski. I'm amazed how this is not done by most shops these days....and its like buying a car without having the wheels balanced. Its the difference between have a ski that works vs one that doesn't. You will see skis starting to go off price in a couple that might help make the situation easier...however supplies of 17 skis are dwindling... but we will have 2018 models rolling in as we do now. Bill @ Thx @Horton for the tag.
  • brettmagbrettmag Posts: 31 Baller
    @Canuck44 I live in Saskatoon and ski up at Christopher. Backside Boardshop in Saskatoon has a decent selection of Radar skis and I know they offer some demos.

  • shansen345shansen345 Posts: 181 Baller
    Concept and F1 are wild skis. Not as forgiving as you'd think.
  • Canuck44Canuck44 Posts: 20 Baller
    @brettmag I checked with backside and they didnt have what I was looking for in a 69 they had a tx but I think I wanted the cx or the senate. Ordered a senate from Shuswap so hopefully it will get here by the weekend. The concept felt pretty good tonight so can't wait to try a newer ski.
  • GregHindGregHind Posts: 395 Crazy Baller
    I would say a concept is fairly mild. An f1 however is possessed. When I first got mine nobody ever got past their second turn (I.e buoy 2 if there were a course) open water. Dumped everybody. Once you finally got used to it wow that thing went. But hard work I was exhausted after 4 passes thru course
  • GlydonGlydon Posts: 231 Baller
    @Canuck44 if you think being a Canadian skier is hard to get gear in WESTERN Canada you want to try living in Prince Edward Island! That being said I have had great luck between SKI-IT-AGAIN and on this forum. My SYNDICATE A2 came from ski-it-again and @savaiusini was a wealth of information in questions I had before buying. Good luck and please report back with your review on the ski.
  • BraceMakerBraceMaker Posts: 5,142 Mega Baller
    Mine lives in the crawl space, went from it to a 9100 years back and as I recall it was like someone took an anchor off the ski.
  • Canuck44Canuck44 Posts: 20 Baller
    So tried out the new senate alloy last night and today feels good but not the black and white I was hoping for guess I'm still going to have to work on my technique. At 32 mph I managed 4 bouys which I did before and at 30 I got 22 off which is a new pb. Ate it at 32 pretty good and shut it down. Ski turns faster for sure and carries more speed too.
  • lpskierlpskier Posts: 3,816 ★★★Triple Panda Award Recipient ★★★
    You might give a try. Austin is very helpful and they have a try before you buy program. I just picked up a 67" Carbon V to try. I can't wait to give it a go.
    John Wilkins- Si non pro sanguine quem ludus ne. #iskiconnelly
  • APBAPB Posts: 446 Crazy Baller
    I ski emma or Christopher most mornings. I'm also a radar dealer. Pm me and let's get you figured! Adam
  • adkh2oskieradkh2oskier Posts: 209 Baller
    @Canuck44 I was on a 67" F1 for many years and skied my pb on it. Switched to a 2014 Prophecy and find it much easier and less tiring to ski on but have only come close to matching my PB. Just wondering how old the F1 is you were using and what kind of front binding was on it and what size. Reason for asking is that my old Connelly Vision front has finally ripped and I need a replacement. My old F1 was a 2005 or so, not sure exact age. If it works out I would be interested in buying the binding if its the right one and in decent shape. Can't seem to locate that old of binding anywhere online.
  • JmoskiJmoski Posts: 477 Crazy Baller
    edited August 2017
    @adkh2oskier - I might have a line on a pair Medium talon bindings, I sold my old F1 to a friend and they want to switch to a hard shell binding, so if the size is right I can connect you.

    The binding are in great shape, i got them maybe 5 years ago to upgrade from the stoker bindings.

    The are a LFF set up.
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