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2018 Senate Lithium. Any rumors on appearance?

TdubTdub Posts: 256 Baller
Since I missed out this summer, I plan on ordering one from Performance Ski and Surf tomorrow. I did mention to Nathan at PSS that I appreciate their support of BOS. Any buzz on looks and features?


  • shansen345shansen345 Posts: 181 Baller
    I've seen one in person and it's black with some orange highlights in there. Sorry - don't have a pic. As far as shape and such, I think it's just like the 2017 model.
  • TdubTdub Posts: 256 Baller
    Thanks @shansen345
  • perfskiperfski Posts: 111 Water Ski Industry Professional
    @Tdub we have orders in.....and hear there are a ltd number on the water. When they give us the green light to show you a pic....will hit you up. If you want one...I'd call Nathan or any of the crew and have them call you when they arrive...give them the size. The first run will be VERY limited and probably wont' see more till later in the year.
  • TdubTdub Posts: 256 Baller
    Thanks, I spoke with Nathan yesterday and will call again today and place my order.
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