Advice for lifting Mastercraft please

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We have always hung our Nautique by lifting rings in our boat house and are contemplating a Mastercraft. However, I've read that lifting a Mastercraft by the rings for extended periods isn't recommended without a cradle. Does anyone have experience using a spreader bar and the rings for extended lifting? Any hull concerns? Pics would be appreciated if possible. Thx!


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    Based on the topic heading I would say go to the gym and work out more, but I don't think that is the answer you were looking for.
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    Have you spoken directly to Mastercraft about this? Is this a new boat your looking at?

    Others can probably share but there are a few lakes I can think of where I am pretty positive I recall the big three all being lifted by the lifting rings with no additional support.
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    @keithh2oskier. I sent an email to Aarne Clow, who was the Mastercraft rep at Nationals and I sent Mastercraft the question through their website contact. No replies yet. I'm sure others have faced the same issue. I just want to make sure I don't risk hull damage by lifting with the rings vs a cradle. Hopefully I can get Mastercraft's answer and an answer from someone who has used just the rings vs a cradle lift.
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    @keithh2oskier I sent an email to Aarne Clow, the MC rep at nationals and contacted MC through their website. No replies yet. I just don't want to risk hull damage by using the rings vs a cradle for extended lifting. Hopefully, I'll get an answer from someone at MC and maybe from a baller who has faced the same dilemma.
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    I think in this case I would want something in writing from MC that it will not damage your boat structurally if you leave it hanging by the rings.

    I think ballers can provide maybe real world scenario's but likely none of us can comment in a way that would mean anything in case something did in fact happen.
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    Thanks Keith. You hit the nail on the head. Here is the reply I just got from MC:
    Hi Robert,

    I am limited with what I can tell you, from a liability stand point.

    You are welcome to see what other owners are doing:

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    MasterCraft Owner Manuals:

    MasterCraft Owners Forum:

    Team Talk Search Engine:

    MasterCraft Owners Facebook Page:

    The MasterCraft Project:

    Older MasterCraft Parts:

    Hope this helps!

    Doesn't sound like MC will comment or support it. Guess I'll have to look back at Nautiques.
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    Weird. Surprised that was an issue. Wonder if it's because they have no idea if you're some clown who's going to try to lift a boat full of ballast or something.
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    I would use a cradle will support the hull matter who made it.
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    I have seen hulls trashed by doing this. I know they are there to be used to lift, but I would not do it for a extended time. Support bunks under the motor are the safest way to go.
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    Surprised that there are people who hang boats from the hooks for more than loading in a trailer. Is this a southern thing? Around here we use a shorestation or floating lift if water is too derp
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    Agree to add a cradle. Is this a possibility? The prostar is nice.
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    @skimtb. I agree that the prostar is nice. Adding a cradle may be a possibility, but an added cost for me which I don't really want since I don't own the boat house. The boat house has 2 spots and boats have always been suspended without cradles by cables and straps with a spreader bar if needed. I suppose I should research the cost for a cradle, but I was hoping it wasn't necessary. @ oldjeep. Not a southern thing - we ski in Ohio. I appreciate everyone's input.
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    @oldjeep it's not a southern thing, just the way CC use to do their boats. Use a cradle from someone that's done both on MC boats since the early 90's cradle only.
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    You may be able to find a cheap or beat up boat hoist to get a low cost cradle? Two spreader bars at top then cables down to four corners of the cradle.
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    Not a MC, but I ring lifted my LXI for 2 years before building an electric lifter, no problem at all.
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    @LLUSA : You do know that @oldjeep is from Southern Canada (Minnesota) so pretty much anywhere USA is the south to him :*
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    I spoke with Mastercraft and they don't recommend any boat be hung long-term by lifting rings, especially as the boats have become larger and heavier. Sounds like a cradle is probably best for any boat.
  • keithh2oskierkeithh2oskier Posts: 832 Crazy Baller
    I wonder if the impact of open bow boats have given the boats less overall support from the stress of the boat. When you have the entire bow fiber glassed solid it seems like it would provide significantly more support.
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    @RLW the ProStar will hang just as well, and just as long as any other brand.

    Probably not the best method for lifting any boat for an extended period of time, but if you've got no other option, I wouldn't be shying away from MC simply because you can't get the answer you want.

    When we designed the new ProStar, we ended up with more vertical hull sides than any other direct drive ski boat. So its probably the most structurally sound direct drive, when hung by lifting rings, as the hull sides are better oriented (as beams) to support the mass of the boat and engine in between the straps.

    Hope this makes sense.
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    That chain resting on the back of the Malibu gives me anxiety! Hang a bucket on the hook.
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    @BraceMaker - more anxiety that that half cut strap?
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  • BraceMakerBraceMaker Posts: 4,975 Mega Baller
    @oldjeep ironically yes. That strap probably 5500 lb rated holding back half of boat. Wouldn't go under it but I'm just hearing chains smacking Hull all night clunk clunk clunk
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    Make sure you use your legs and keep your back straight!
    Stir vigorously then leave!
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    Dont worry guys, she survived ok!

    @BraceMaker - after we lifted it, we raised the chain, so no clunck clunck, at least during the night.

    @oldjeep - we use to put 2 extra vertical straps and let the weight on them, I didnt like to keep the rings stressed on that angle for too long

    @thager - That was the worse part, tired and still have to work hard. Thinking about it, I guess I know now what ruined my shoulders...

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    At one of the lakes I ski at there's a 96 Mastercraft hung. Similar to the way Alberto Soares did, except in the back there is a steel spreader bar so the straps are more vertical. Don't have a pic, but if I can get up there I'll get a pic.
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