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Slalom Courses E TN

akale15akale15 Posts: 149 Baller
Wife and I are looking at moving to E TN (Knoxville or Chattanooga Area) this winter and I am trying to get an idea on the slalom courses, public and private, are in the area. I know of the course in Sweetwater and Ft Oglethorpe but where are the others, especially those on public lakes...Watts Bar, Melton Hill, Ft London, Tellico, Norris? Wife loves to free ski but she is a big fan of the open water pontooning and community of the public lake scene and I'm not sure I'll be able to ever talk her out of that. Goal is to live on the lake and as long as there is a course or I could set one up, most of my skiing could take place during the week so I think the water on a public lake during the week would be decent enough to rip some slalom.

Ideally we are looking for a lake front home that she can pontoon and I can ski within a relativity close distance to potential jobs. That being said, I'm an electrical project manager and she's an ER physicians assistant so if anyone's looking to hire in that area this winter, that'd be a plus too!


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