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Fixing the Onside

GloersenGloersen Posts: 1,099 Mega Baller
Can someone explain how to get an onside like this? Aside from raw talent and honed skill, what does it take; Yoga stuff or something?



  • dchristmandchristman Posts: 1,266 Mega Baller
    Nice slow-mo video to dwell on. It makes me want to pull out the rs-1 and try it again, although I know that's not the answer. I'm sure to return to this many times over the winter.
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  • jimbrakejimbrake Posts: 1,409 Mega Baller
    I just saw this video last week. Thomas Moore was always one of my favorite skiers to watch because of his offside especially. He was/is one of the best of, like Terry says, staying level all the time, including through his offside turn. Not many can or will do that. That turn at 2:50. Nice.

    He had a photo sequence in Water Skiing once of a drill where he was working on skiing back to the handle level by letting go of the handle at the apex then staying level and square (facing downcourse) while skiing all the way through the turn. A lot of work for the skier and driver, but if you've got the time on the water, probably a good exercise to drill that feeling into muscle memory.
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  • BraceMakerBraceMaker Posts: 4,655 Mega Baller
    @jimbrake i'm pretty sure that article even commented that no one would want to drive you for that tom foolery. Its almost like trick skiing.
  • DekeDeke Posts: 403 Baller
    @jimbrake I also remember Chris Rossi doing a similar article about skiing without the rope for support and how you could, at least, imagine the best way to stand on your ski to travel as far as possible back to the wakes.
  • Chef23Chef23 Posts: 6,066 Mega Baller
    Did you try a washer to help the onside. There is another thread somewhere on BOS about it.
    Mark Shaffer
  • MISkierMISkier Posts: 3,191 Mega Baller
    I've made the washer change @Chef23 mentions. Simply amazing. Just did it recently and used a .030" (net depth change of .023"). I think I will add more. Others I know are running.060 (net .053" difference).

    I think the question on the video, though, is how to go into the preturn with that kind of extension, counter-rotation, handle control, and body position. A washer won't fix that.
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  • BraceMakerBraceMaker Posts: 4,655 Mega Baller
    I tried it last weekend and was not sure of the change. however I forgot my caliper so I just sort of tossed it in there and haven't actually verified if it changed anything what so ever.
  • MISkierMISkier Posts: 3,191 Mega Baller
    edited September 2017

    Some that I know have only .008" net difference. I don't think that is enough. If you do it right, you will feel it immediately.

    I've seen skiers make the change mid-tournament and finish their next round practically giddy over the difference.

    Make sure you place it on the correct side of the fin block. If you are LFF, it goes on the right side (looking down from the top of the ski) and vice versa for RFF. Use calipers to verify the net depth change at max depth apex of the fin. If it's not at least .020" net change, it's probably not enough.
    The worst slalom equipment I own is between my ears.
  • mwetskiermwetskier Posts: 1,337 Mega Baller
    pretty simple really -if you do what he did you'll get what he got.
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