Binding placement for an '08 RCX

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What's the optimal binding placement for an '08 RCX?  Everything I am finding says 29.5", but I have an HO Animal front binding and when it's in the center holes it measures 29" from the back of the boot to the tail of the ski.  I'd have to go all the way forward on this binding to get 29.5", which seems a bit extreme.  I've tried the bindings one hole forward (2 holes forward is as far forward as it'll go) and I didn't like it; The ski felt like it turned very quickly but didn't come through and underneath me.  Anyone got any ideas on where the sweet spot is on this ski?  Thank you.


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    I use an approach front binder and have it at 29" or center hole with a rear toe plate, if you are using double boots try it one hole forward. What fin measurements are you running? I found that I need more length and depth then stock settings to make the ski really work. What line lengths are you working on?
    Brad Miller
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    I have a 67" RCX with an Animal front binding and RTP.  I moved the binding all the way forward.  That's what you need to do to get it to factory recommended settings.  I even elongated the last hole just a little to move it forward more.  It skis great.  I tried moving my bindings forward on my Monza years ago and nearly killed myself, but it works great on the RCX with Animals.
    Tom Burnham
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