Pylon flex or loose on ProStar

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I have 17' prostar I ordered new in spring which I love btw. Few weeks ago I noticed a creaking soun from pylon. Grabbed pylon and it felt sturdy. Since I am usually the one driving I Couldn't see if it moved at all. I pretty much assumed it was that plastic spinner piece that was just creaking during a pull. Rode Passenger the other day and I could really see the pylon moving. So much so that it made me a little nervous. After the set I grabbed the pylon and again it felt really sturdy. Obviously I am not putting nearly as much pressure load as a skier would. Is it possible for the pylon to be flexing ? I got assume is just a loose but it does have me wondering . Boat has just over 100 hours on it .


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    The pylon will flex, and not just a little bit. You should still check to make sure it is tight now that you have some hours on it as it may have loosened a bit over time. That may be the source of the creaking. Next time you are driving, you can reach back with your left arm and feel the pylon flex as the skier engages the rope.
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    The front floor screws on the pylon aren’t easily accessible, but in my case that was it. All other brackets were tight, but the pylon moved across the bottom of the floor.
    Jim Ross
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    I have a 17 as well. Its been making the same creaking noise all summer. Trent and I have been tightening the pylon brackets, which has helped a little but the noise is still there. I think it’s in the floor. MC told me to take it in at the end of my season to have the dealer and MC look it over. December I’ll take it in.
    Rob Quetschke
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    Same thing happened to our 17 prostar. The bolts that go through the tracking fin were loose. Tightened these and it is much better
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    I had a 2014 Prostar on which I had to tighten the bolts that go through the tracking fin almost everytime I used it. I soon figured out a way to tighten them without having to have a second person to help. I ended up double nutting those bolts, and that helped. I often went a month w/o tightening after that. I am unimpressed with the design. I was concerned that the holes through the hull would get wallowed out and start leaking, but they never did while I had the boat.
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    @dbutcher green wicking loctite
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    There are some bolts at the base of the pylon. Check those. The do come lose and need to be checked every 75 to 100 hrs. The pylon will flex when a load is placed on it and feel solid when grabbing it but please check the bolts.
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    Appears some consistent comments, are the nuts standard (non locking) or are they lock nuts? If not, swapping for ss nyloc lock nuts (or Loctite existing ones as noted) may be a long term cure, if they are lock nuts, is there local material deformation? If that is the case, a bigger surface contact (plate between 2 nuts) may solve the issue. I don't have a Prostar, simply trying to provide some helpful info.
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    Yeah good ideas. My 17 has double nyloc nuts on the bottom plate that goes to the tracking fins. Those have loosened in the past but not much anymore. The pylon is flexing a normal amount. The creaking is fiberglass on fiberglass noise. I siliconed the floor piece around the pylon and that helped more than anything. That’s why I think the noise is in the floor piece
    Rob Quetschke
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    Next time hook your rope up to a Ski Naitique. Problem solved. :)
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    HaHa @A_B so you have NEVER had any kind of issue with a Nautique or any other boat you have owned? Cheap shot even if it was in jest.
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    Maybe it's the end of the season making Ballers a little testy..
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    I’m with A_B I have never had to tighten a pylon fro Nautique. I put 100 hrs a year on a boat and no issues.
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    Had a winter project with our club boat, 08 CC 196. The glassed in hull bracket for the pylon was loose and had to glass it back in.
    Very sloppy job from the factory and I know other CCs with same issue.
    Actually made my own bracket as the factory one really was sub par.
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    Fwiw...I had to tighten my '00 Malibu pylon when I bought it in 2011 but haven't had to touch it since. I haven't noticed any movement but this is a reminder to check it before I put her away for the winter.

    Thanks BoS!!
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    My coach-driver jokes that he do not need to look in the mirror - pilon tells him everything about my skiing ))
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    Inboards that are used as SKI boats should have their pylon fasteners checked every year it's just part of routine maintenance. I know it's on my dealer's ski boat winterization check list.
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    Bumping this as a PSA.... Noticed our pylon was flexing a while back. So, I got the u-bolts really tight - default answer, although they seemed tight already.

    Still flexing, so found this thread.

    The top pylon u-bolt connects to good size aluminum angle iron that is bolted to the hull/stringer/whatever. Solid.

    The lower u-bolt connects to aluminum angle iron & plate that connects to the floor via the bolts from the front skeg, as mentioned above. They were all loose. So pretty sure I found the problem....

    The rear 2 bolts were double nutted, and the 2nd was nylock nut. Good job MC.

    The front 2 bolts are barely accessible, only by open end wrench, doing part turn, then flipping wrench over to turn more. Repeat, etc.
    The pylon comes down to almost contact the front 2 bolts, so not sure about a double nut there, as I don't think there is enough space. Ideally, the skeg would have longer base and these bolts would be accessible thru the floor cooler box thing.

    Haven't skied yet, but as stated, I can't imagine taking these from finger tight to "tight as i can get 'em" with the wrench won't fix it....

    Thought this would be a good thing for folks to check at winterization vs having to mess with in middle of summer!
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    What's winterization?
    Andre Broussard | Action Water Sports | WakeHouse | SkiBennetts |
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    @Broussard It’s what we have to do before we wait a bit then play hockey on the lake!
    Although skiing year round and just going to a rink to skate would be WAY easier.
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    Winterization is that activity that occurs just after hurricane season. Or, wildfire season. Can't recall which.
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    @MISkier You forgot gators and snakes matting season too!
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