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Hot shower plugging up — BallOfSpray Water Ski Forum

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Hot shower plugging up

jerrymjerrym Posts: 88 Baller
Its that time of year where the hot shower is most appreciated. We are running a 2015 SN 200. The mixing valve for the shower is getting plugged up with metal particles at the hot water inlet, presumably from the engine block. Its a pain to pull the valve and clean it so we are considering adding a small wye strainer to the hose running back to the mixing valve. Has anyone else seen this issue? Any better ideas?


  • MISkierMISkier Posts: 3,156 Mega Baller
    I am interested in solutions here as well. I usually have to remove the hot water hose from the valve and scrape out the weeds from the screen in the valve. Looking for easily accessible filter that would prevent this.
    The worst slalom equipment I own is between my ears.
  • oldjeepoldjeep Posts: 3,794 ★★★Triple Panda Award Recipient ★★★
    edited November 2017
    Never done it, but it seems like a standard smaller drop filter housing would be easy to add - something like this. You would just need to check the temp specs.

    This one looks better since it is just a screen particulate filter
    Chuck P
    Not a mechanic but I play one at home
  • jerrymjerrym Posts: 88 Baller
    We're dealing with water that is 170 F or more so I'm inclined toward a brass housing. PE or PP housings won;t hold up. Don't want to be duct taping a PE housing in the middle of a set!
  • colo_skiercolo_skier Posts: 784 Solid Baller
    I installed my own shower and put in 2 strainers something like the
    @oldjeep listed. I have not had any issues with the mixing valve getting plugged or the hot water causing any issues. I am not sure which ones I purchased as it was 8 years ago but they look like the ones above.
    Not sure I know what I am doing. The boat goes I follow. Trying to perfect the deep water start. Squirrel!
  • jerrymjerrym Posts: 88 Baller
    @colo_skier - thanks for the info. You have one on the hot water line? Near the engine or in the back of the boat?
  • colo_skiercolo_skier Posts: 784 Solid Baller
    @jerrym Takeoff for the hot side is a tee in the input hoses to the heater and is about 1 ft from were the tee is attached. It is probably 3 ft from the heater feed hose coming out of the top of the motor. I have it all set up with quick disconnects so I can easily winterise and de-winterise my boat. I have to do this before and after each ski session this time of the year since it gets below freezing at night. Look at the malibucrew.com website to see about installing all the features if you are interested. If I have just the hot feed going through the shower the water is to hot to put your hand in so it's probably still pretty close to the 160 thermostat temp.
    Not sure I know what I am doing. The boat goes I follow. Trying to perfect the deep water start. Squirrel!
  • colo_skiercolo_skier Posts: 784 Solid Baller
    @76S&S That looks like the one I have. Had to get some barb type screw in fitting to insert the strainer into the hot and cold feeds to the shower. Mine was all a Home Depot and RV parts home made system. Love the hot water for the hands and wet suit initial fill now and in the Spring. Water below 55 is hard on the Hands.
    Not sure I know what I am doing. The boat goes I follow. Trying to perfect the deep water start. Squirrel!
  • jerrymjerrym Posts: 88 Baller
    @colo_skier, @76S&S - thanks very much for the guidance. Gonna try this unit and use the barb fittings as well. It is nice to have the clear reservoir to see the debris. I'll try to remember to post our results late next spring.
  • dbutcherdbutcher Posts: 463 Crazy Baller
    Is there reason to be concerned about the metal particles, i.e. where they come from and why? Or are they normal ????
  • RAWSkiRAWSki Posts: 804 Mega Baller
    I had the same problem on my first boat. Due more to mucky water. Installed sea-strainer on the cooling water intake and a mini version on the shower lines. Worked well, but haven't done another shower. Heater, heated seats and Camaro suits do the trick. Good Luck.
  • jerrymjerrym Posts: 88 Baller
    @dbutcher good question...I was expecting some rubber particles from the impeller which I was late in replacing in the spring. The shower system was also cleaned early in the year so the metal particles came through this summer, after the new impeller was installed. I can only assume the particles are working free from the water channels in the block.
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