This is your fuel filter after 200 hrs

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Good thing I changed it. What does everyone else use to grease the o-rings? I couldn’t find a “fuel resistant grease” as the instructions state to use. I went Vaseline given it was the most common answer I could find on discussion threads.


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    Pretty much any auto parts should have fuel resistant grease/gasket dressing. Small carded tubes, permatex or loktite.
    Where in the world do you get your fuel? I've seen filters out of gravel trucks that don't look that bad.
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    @oldjeep - I checked several local auto parts stores - they only had fuel resistant thread sealant for metal. Nothing labeled fuel resistant for rubber o-rings?

    Fuel I get just comes from local gas stations. Possible the filter was never changed, I bought it with a 105 hours on it from the original owner. Dealer supposedly did the proper maintenance.
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    Just use clean engine oil. I use the lid to lube o rings. You just put a small amount of oil into the lid then rub the o ring in there. Fuel system safe
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    silicone brake grease works well on o-rings too
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    Aircraft Spruce carries EC4 silicone grease. It's specified for lubricating rubber gaskets on airplanes (but designed as an electrical grease). I'd use it there. Most silicone greases should also work.

    Vaseline might be too fuel soluble to last. Good for installation but it might stick on the next disassembly.

    But that filter looks fine. Were you having problems or is it just routine replacement? The pleats aren't filled with crud (like when I see contamination problems) or water. Maybe a bit of discoloration but who cares about the color? Do you use additives?

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    You change these on hours based versus time? I changed mine 5 years ago but have only put about 15 -20 hours on my boat since then due to always using club boat.
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    Manufacturers almost always recommend X hours/miles or X months, whichever comes first. For the reasonable man test, I say base it on the amount of fuel that went through it, so hours. I still don't understand the discoloration though.
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    Thanks for the responses, to answer the questions:

    - no issues, just routine change out
    - yes I always run Stabil marine fuel stabilizer (its dark green) - maybe the source of the discoloration
    - Traditionally I go by hours, on my old nautique I had changed it at 100 hr intervals and it seemed in good shape (no green stabil then)
    - I’ll switch it again next season to see what it looks like and use the proper o-ring grease.
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