Lake 38': Ski, Freeze or Die tournament, Dec 2017

A few highlights from a fun end-of-season tournament at Lake 38' in N Florida:


  • klindyklindy Posts: 2,839 ★★★Triple Panda Award Recipient ★★★
    Haha! The tug-of-war across the lake was awesome!!
    Keith Lindemulder
    AWSA Chairman of the Board

  • Chef23Chef23 Posts: 6,066 Mega Baller
    Awesome. The weather looks far from frightful.
    Mark Shaffer
  • JeffSwainJeffSwain Posts: 15 Baller
    Yes, we were very lucky on the weather, for a December tournament in North FL. For the cross-lake tug-of-war I bought a 200' mountain climbing rope; 8000# test I figured would be enough even for a bunch of skiers with strong pulling positions. Contest rules allowed ski gloves and one 5' handle section per team. Keith & Karen are awesome hosts; we also had a chili cook-off afterwards at the "7th Bouy" party house by the lake.
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