Ski advise (yes it's winter)

skimtbskimtb Posts: 551 Crazy Baller
So I am finally debating moving on from the 2007 O'Brien sixam 2.0.... I got a handful of 28's at 33.7mph and almost cleared 34.2 this year.
Nothing wrong w ski, just curious if new stick would help me.
Looking on ski it again for 1-2 yr old stuff to maintain budget.
Thinking vapor lithium or pro build (based on what is available- lithium is surely more than I need but not many there).
Also looking into HO VTX or syndicate pro (there are one or two pro builds posted). Also a VTR near me.
I realize all of these are way above my current or potential ability - would like to get into -32 a bit, maybe a few at -35 if I get enough smooth water time would be the life goal at my age.
Any thoughts / opinions between skis mentioned above?
Looking for a 67" ski.


  • jcampjcamp Posts: 961 Mega Baller
    If you are working to get into 32 and eventually 35, none of the top-of-the-line skis are "above" your current ability. And I would expect you to see big improvements from any of the new skis coming off a ten-year old ski.
  • mbabiashmbabiash Posts: 639 Crazy Baller
    Get a 2016 vapor lithium. I felt like that ski performed better than both of the newer pro build pro builds.
    I wish I would have kept mine.
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    Pm’d You
    Rob Quetschke
  • jerrymjerrym Posts: 98 Baller
    It's past time to move on to a newer ski. The sixam is pretty forgiving, but you will find modern designs like the vapor are just as forgiving but provide much better performance. Don't settle for anything less than top of the line....your only regret will not having done it sooner. Check out Horton's ski reviews to help narrow your choices.
    PS - the lithium is a great choice!
  • savaiusinisavaiusini Posts: 440 Water Ski Industry Professional
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    Thanks for considering an HO! I would add the Syndicate Omni to your short list. It's an excellent ski at 34 and will make the progression from 28 to 32 pretty forgiving.
    You can even demo one HERE
    Sam Avaiusini - Operations Manager, HO Sports Company, Snoqualmie, WA
  • marknmarkn Posts: 529 Mega Baller
    There are a few 67 inch Mapple t3's on SIA. In that you have been on a Mapple designed SIXAM, the transition to the T3 would be very easy. Good luck with your search. MWN
  • ozskiozski Posts: 1,722
    Contact @twhisper and see what he can do for you on the KD - Its an awesome ski and very well priced.
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  • skimtbskimtb Posts: 551 Crazy Baller
    Thanks all. Looking into a few things now. I can walk on the lake now so have a bit of time.
  • skimtbskimtb Posts: 551 Crazy Baller
    Thanks for all the comments and reviews here on BOS. Ended up with a '17 Probuild. Now I just need to sit tight while the lake thaws, or I can find somewhere warm to go.
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