Will tfactors mount ok?

MDB1056MDB1056 Posts: 1,009 Crazy Baller
Anyone here know if (2015) tfactors will connect to (2012) HO S2 insert pattern without modifications? Dropped a note to D3 folks - said "they think so but ask HO". Have not heard back from HO yet but thought I'd ask the folks here as I'm sure there are plenty of tfactor and HO users here. Any help appreciated.


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    The front will, for sure. Those are universal. The rear is a different animal. It’s a maybe. There are (basically) 2 patterns, D3 and HO. If I’m remembering correctly, the S2 has 4 rear holes (rear holes, for the rear plate, that is), for HO and D3. I may be wrong there though. If it’s got 4 holes, it should fit both.
  • aupatkingaupatking Posts: 1,796 Mega Baller
    Dependent on the year, you may only have HO holes and even the extra holes for the old EXO system
  • twhispertwhisper Posts: 141 Open or Level 9 Skier
    Yes, the T-Factors should have the plate holes for both the D3/Connelly and HO/Radar holes. Worst case scenario you can get a plate to mount to the boot pretty inexpensively.
  • HortonHorton Posts: 32,531 Administrator
    All current major brand front bindings are interchangeable. The same can not be said for back bindings.

    So yes a TFactor will fit on a 2012 S2.

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  • MDB1056MDB1056 Posts: 1,009 Crazy Baller
    Thanks all! Great deal on a pair from SIA- excellent condition. As a die hard rubber binding guy I'm psyched to get these as I've read nothing but good about them and I need an upgrade from my HO Venoms . I'm sure will take a while to get used to them but for the extreme discount vs brand new (50%) figured it's worth the risk. If I like them I know what I'll buy new forward . Appreciate the comments ballers. You guys are great!
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