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Hey Ballers,

I found myself re watching episodes of FlowPointTV last night. I was watching the one with Will Asher and he got me thinking about the construction of the ski. I have never played with shaping a ski or anything along those lines before. What it really got me thinking about was the Radar line of skis, specifically the Senate and Vapor and the what performance changes are gained from the different core structures.

For example Senate has 3 "classes" Alloy, Graphite and Lithium and the Vapor has Graphite, Lithium and Pro Build. I understand the cores are different but how does that actually relate to performance? What are you gaining with the upgrade in the core in relation to performance? is it durability / My understanding is the shape of the ski does no change based on the core make up. I actually own both skis one senate alloy from 2016 and 2017 lith vap. I use the senate for free ski and to start my year off and use the vap for course ( mainly). I assume its more noticeable for the pro's / high end skiers but I am truly curious. #RadaR @brooks @eddie_roberts_jr




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    Well that explains it perfectly! Thanks a ton @brooks
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