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Overhead Drone Video

I thought I'd share some research video I took last month.
Drone is a DJI Mavic Pro
Sitting at 800 ft directly overhead center of course and looking straight down for slalom
For jump its sitting at 250 ft over the landing area looking straight down.

After you set its position the first time the Mavic allows one touch return to base (for battery swap out) and then one touch to get back to the exatc same spot in the sky
The process takes about three minutes

While the battery life (25 minutes hovering) is not yet enough to be really practical I think this will have real possibilities in the future
One judge?
Realtime skier analysis?
Jump measurement without the camera towers?

Plus it's cool.........

The original high-res videos are available for download if anyone wants them



  • FraserFraser Posts: 42 Baller
    My understanding is that the follow me mode on the mavic is on point too. I cant speak to skier judging but would think the analysis opportunities could be significant. Plus killer selfies while chilling on the boat.
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