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Ski repair

KRoundyKRoundy Posts: 443 Crazy Baller
After skiing yesterday I noticed that I have a small ding on the top edge of my ski. It is a 2015 Radar Senate Lithium. I'm guessing that it is a "rope burn" spot since that is approximately where my rope would hit when getting up. The damage is about an inch long and maybe 1/16 - 1/8th inches wide. It took a small piece of the top of my ski and a small piece of the edge, exposing the fibers underneath. It is right on that seam between the top of the ski and the edge where you can see the two materials glued together.

I'm thinking that I should get some expoy / resin, fill in the repair and sand it down. Does that sound appropriate? Should I take it to a ski shop (I live in Seattle so I'm talking about Wiley's) to have them look at it?


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