Southern Waters GA

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Anyone live/ski there? How long of a drive to ATL airport?
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    Robert Blair lives there. Cell is (Four 0 seven) 96Zero-Nine 068. They are in Forsyth, near Macon, straight down I-75. Or you could come ski with us at Divorce Lake. We are 55 min. from the Atlanta Airport, 2 miles off I-85.
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    @MS are you considering a move or just looking for convenient 'fly-in-out' ski sites??
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    I'd really like to know why the name on Divorce lake.
    Only if it's a funny one.
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    LOTS FOR UNDER $30,000......
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    @RAWSki possible move depending on ATL airport drive, house cost and job bids. Looks like nice site
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    Thanks @Taperflex
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    @MS you'd be crazy not to consider Whitestone if you are looking for something near Atlanta. Several lots for sale up there right now.
    Ryan Christopher
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    Unfortunately Whitestone is the wrong side of Atlanta for easy access to the airport.
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    Would rather be south. I have 2 dogs so need a place that likes dogs
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    @MS Don’t make me commute to have no idea!!!
    I ski for fun, just the wife!
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    Me thinks the looooong extended winter this year in Southern Canada has finally made @MS rethink his ski site choice.
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    Love it up here but this winter/spring sucked. If I can’t play hockey I may as well move away from the ice
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    @MS @RAWSki there are several pilot skiers at Whitestone, and I have a lot for sale there. Lots of other outdoor activities around there also.
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    Cmon, @Mrs_MS it’s not so bad! No better place to reminisce on your work day than our 18-lane highways!
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    @OSUwaterskier that kind of hot mess traffic would put me over the edge!!! @mmosley899 pilots don’t work as much, would probably never get in trouble if late and they barely even have enough employee parking in ATL (crews have to miss a bus in order to wait for someone to leave to get a spot many’s a mess)

    And like @MS says...we would prefer a dog friendly place.
    I ski for fun, just the wife!
  • Mrs_MSMrs_MS Posts: 317 Crazy Baller
    If I didn’t have to commute...we would have been gone years ago! Commuting is so horrible...I just don’t think I can do it! It’s all my fault :(
    I ski for fun, just the wife!
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    @Mrs_MS the commute from the south side isn't nearly as bad . But I totally hear you, maybe you need a driver??
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    @MS we owned a lot at Southern Waters for about 6-years, but only made it down (from Washington State/Seattle) 4x in that 6-yr period. We purchased the lot for $27K, FSBO, sold it 6-yrs later for $25,500. Great people down there, but seemed like it wasn't being kept up quite as well as when we first purchased in 2007. As it was, the site skied great, and beautiful countryside on your way out to the lake. Can't beat the price out there.
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    I would need a driver/skier to ski with when @Mrs_MS is away.
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    @MS... Bill, who built the place, was a Northwest Pilot, and skied with me when we were flying 747's based in Hawaii. He is a great Guy, should be retired by now, and available to ski with. Robert Blair is also there, and he sold me his house here in Orlando, when he built the one at Bill's. Should be no problem finding someone to ski with.

    Just bring some IPA's.

    PS: Banana George Blair was Roberts Grandfather.

    Loving the new ZO Rev. S Plus Mode C3+
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    Thanks @Ed_Johnson nice to have the NWA history.
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    I own a lot in southern waters that I’m selling. Nice lake to ski on. Ski in trunks from March to October. They hold GA state championships on the lake every few years. 2 new knees is the reason we stopped skiing
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