Child Slalom

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I cut the back off of a 63.5 D3 custom to a 59.5 ski for my 65 lb soon to be 10 daughter. After a rather slow start to learning the course, something has clicked. In twelve sets she has gone from running 19 to 26mph. The short ski that worked great at 19 is looking unstable through the wakes at 26. I have the fin really shallow and if she keeps riding it I will deepen it to provide more stability. Because her bday is before December she will get bumped to G2 with max of 32. We spent all of our practice time on technique and her passes look very solid. What skis do you recommend that will be the best for her. Would be nice to have something that could get us through both this season and next but, she is so in to it now that I am committed to getting whatever will help her the most. Thanks for your suggestions. Also, if you have opinions on when to go one handed, please share. I am thinking that we may as well start now.
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