Ski binding alternatives (Reflex shells)?

gsm_petergsm_peter Posts: 859 Crazy Baller
I use a standard black Reflex binding on my Trick ski.
Bought it used (only 3 Slalom runs) so it was in reality 'new'.
It has now been used for 3 years, approx. 50 runs (beginner)

After 10 runs the shell plastic broke at the top buckle ‘pop nut’
It looked like the manufacturer used to high pressure mounting the buckle.
I added some plastic and problem was solved.

Now the top on the back of the shell has broken.
It looks like a bad molding with some dirt/defect in the plastic.
Will try to add more plastic to strengthen the boot.

I like the boot but I am concerned about the quality.
Is there any more durable shells that can replace the Reflex shell?

Any advice on even better trick ski bindings?
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  • eleeskieleeski Posts: 4,013 Infinite Pandas
    Fluid Motion in Canada and Goode offer shell replacements. I really liked the feel of the FM shell. The Goode also feels nice like the older Reflex. The newest Reflex is not my favorite but it's OK.

    These shells started as rollerblade boots. Find a rollerblade with a nice flex feel and cut off the wheel trolley and add the heel block. It's not that difficult.

    Plastic does not last forever. It gets more brittle with time. Usually the metal parts corrode first but those are easier to replace. The rollerblade style plastic shell is no longer popular so most of the plastic shells we like have been sitting in inventory for a while. That doesn't help the longevity of the boot. Still, you should get decent service from a new shell.

    Hardshells are great, especially for tricks. But the drawback is that they take a lot of maintenance. Including shell replacement. Don't get too frustrated with the problems, enjoy the performance.

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    Wow, that’s strange. I’ve found the basic reflex boot to be exceptionally durable. I have one on my slalom ski for more than 5 years (200 short line sets/yr) and going strong. When I used basic roller blade boots they would consistently break in a year. My kids boots are both several years old and used for both slalom and tricks for 8 months a year.

    The only real issues I’ve seen are the “tounge” on the heel can fold over if you aren’t careful and the ankle hinge bolts will wear over a few years and enlarge the hole and make the upper cuff loose.

    Maybe you just got a lemon or it had more use than you thought when you bought it used? If you like the boot, the basic replacement shell is very reasonably priced.

    If you ever go to a big tournament and glance around at skis, the vast majority of hard shells will be reflex.
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    Where are the boots stored? I have had plastic boots that were stored in a hot environment just snap chunks off.
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  • mmosley899mmosley899 Posts: 766 Water Ski Industry Professional
    All the plastic boots are built to be skate boots, the new reflex boots were built for ice skating, and are currently in production. The Fluid Motion boots are Universal Skate Design boots, made for aggressive inline skating. The boots should last 4-5 years easily, but are susceptible to heat and uv degradation.
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  • JmoskiJmoski Posts: 501 Crazy Baller
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    The syndicate hardshell is really nice, not a trick skier so I don’t know if it will work
  • gsm_petergsm_peter Posts: 859 Crazy Baller
    Thanks All!

    @eleski. Thanks Eric. Yes, that might be the best option.

    @ Bruce_Butterfield. It was almost brand new (bought it from a fellow at our ski club)

    @thager. I store the gear in my basement during off season. Normal basement temperature (Dark. No Ozon, type 65F).
    We do not have much sun in Sweden and I keep them out of the sun so they are exposed to very little UV degradation.

    @mmosley. I will look into the Fluid Motion shells when I get the opportunity. Will the shell fit into the Reflex 500 binding (Front, I can make a new heel block)?

    @jmoski. I will look into the Syndicate shells when I get the opportunity.
    Will the shell fit into the Reflex 500 binding (Front, I can make a new heel block)?
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  • JmoskiJmoski Posts: 501 Crazy Baller
    @gsm_peter - I had assumed you would put the plate that comes with the HO shell onto the ski. The HO has the silveretta 750 release mechanism on it, and the plate perfectly mates to the boot. No idea if it would work with the older reflex set up.
  • eleeskieleeski Posts: 4,013 Infinite Pandas
    The horseshoe over the front can be tuned a bit for different boots. Add a washer or two if it's too tight over the front. Add thicknesses to the top by wrapping duct tape. I once taped on some fuel hose to fill a big gap. And Reflex does sell different size horseshoes. The FM horseshoe is adjustable and might be another option.

    Good luck with the boot search.

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