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Shipping Boat with or without cover

Pat MPat M Posts: 681 Crazy Baller
edited June 2018 in Boat Talk
Hey Ballers I just purchased one of the few 2018 200s out there. Now I am having it shipped from central Florida to just over the Massachusetts boarder. It comes with the Nautique cover which I am informed is a trailerable cover. My question is for those who have shipped or have trailered considerable distances with there boat do I
a) Ship with the cover on?
b) Have the boat shrink wrapped for travel?
c) Ship without a cover and deal with the cleanup after?
d) Look into a possible shipping cover from the dealer?
Or some other thoughts on what I should do.


  • JmoskiJmoski Posts: 295 Baller
    How is it being transported? In both of my used boat purchases I trailered the boats back myself (6+ hours) with a standard cover - no issues.

    If the cover is a commercial sewing cover with the ratchet mechanism in back they seal up quite nicely.
  • Not_The_PugNot_The_Pug Posts: 597 Crazy Baller
    I just shipped my 2017 promo boat from CA to RI. Had it wrapped for about $300 and it made the trip just fine. Even had some extra material around the front bow area and it kept a lot of the road grime off the front.
    Pat M
  • WayneWayne Posts: 452 Baller
    Does Nautique use some type of shipping cover that is used from the factory to the dealer? I would see if that could be used. It protects the boat and saves the factory cover.

    Alternatively, could it be shrink wrapped?
    Pat M
  • jimskijimski Posts: 406 Solid Baller
    Shrink wrap it
    Pat M
  • jcampjcamp Posts: 794 Mega Baller
    Congrats on the purchase @Pat M
    Pat M
  • Pat MPat M Posts: 681 Crazy Baller
    Thanks for all the info. I am trying to get it shrink wrapped by the dealer with a shipping cover from the factory. Well worth the cost and I will be able to sleep at night.
  • skiinxsskiinxs Posts: 555 Crazy Baller
    The boats come from the factory with a transit cover. They are really nice covers made of heavy shrink wrap with felt on the inside, sewed to the correct shape. (OI think they are made by Commercial Sewing, who makes the boat covers). They wrap all the way under the boats , have ropes that secure them underneath and a drawstring that connects to the platform brackets in the back. I always remove mine very carefully and give to the purchaser at the end of the year (or put it on if the boat gets shipped). It is really important to wash the covers before removing and store in a giant trash bag to keep clean, then make sure the boat is absolutely clean before putting back on for shipment so there is no abrasion. Too bad you aren't close to me or you could have an extra that I have. If the dealer was careful when removing, it should be as good as new. I would ask him if he kept it. (some may just cut them off and throw away)
    RAWSkiPat M
  • dlradar18dlradar18 Posts: 4 Baller
    Nautique uses a shrinkwrap to deliver to dealers and the same can be done by your dealer (minus the Nautique logo on it). They're shrink wrapped without any poles and done to the water line. Sometimes they don't have a vent for transport so if that's how your dealer does it, make sure you remove the cover as soon as you get it.
    Pat M
  • brettmainerbrettmainer Posts: 257 Crazy Baller
    Shrink wrap.
    Trailering with a cover, even a ratchet strap cover, scuffs the gel coat at the rear of the boat and can discolor engine cover as well.
    Pat M
  • wettek69wettek69 Posts: 75 Baller
    My advice from experience, don't use a standard fabric cover for shipping. I had a standard cover on mine while it was being relocated, and unfortunately it came loose. By the time the transporter driver noticed it, the flapping cover had trashed my gelcoat. Cost $s to repair and I can still see marks.................... Heartbreaking. Go the wrap.
    Pat M
  • acmxacmx Posts: 239 Baller
    +1 for what @skiinxs said. Towed my CC200 800 miles with a factory shipping cover stayed tight as a drum the whole way.
    Pat M
  • Pat MPat M Posts: 681 Crazy Baller
    Thanks for all of the advice. The dealer put a Nautique shipping cover and shrinked it for travel. All set to be picked up tomorrow. Well worth the cost for the piece of mind.
  • ISP6ballISP6ball Posts: 175 Baller
    Send pics!!
  • rfarfa Posts: 249 Baller
    Congrats @Pat M! Best wishes with the new 200.
    Rui Afonso
  • adkh2oskieradkh2oskier Posts: 154 Baller
    Hi Pat, Glad to see you didn't have to go to long without a boat. Looks really nice. Putting your old one to good use and my wife really likes it. Hope to run into you somewhere this summer.
    Pat M
  • ISP6ballISP6ball Posts: 175 Baller
    Great color combo!!
    Pat M
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