Jumpers that don't cost an arm and a leg?

sunnshinnesunnshinne Posts: 10 Baller
I'm a Nebraska transplant to Houston, on Co-Op so I'm still in college. How do I get my hands on a set of jumpers so I can practice without selling a kidney? Anything I'm able to track down is $1000+, sometimes for skis I think are going to break as soon as I jump.

I'm still learning to cut and so crashes are inevitable which makes me shy away for pressing people to let me use their nice gear, especially when everyone around me is jumping 100+. I've heard the "refresh ski-it-again every hour" but I'm thinking there has to be more than that.

Help! and thanks in advance!


  • dbutcherdbutcher Posts: 573 Crazy Baller
    I have a pair of old fiberglass Connelly wingtails. They are 72" if you include the curve on the front in the measurement. A friend of mine is currently looking at them; but if he doesn't buy them, they are for sale blank for $250. They are heavy, do not have inserts, and have a few extra screw holes in them. As far as I can tell they are structurally sound. I bought them a few years ago for winter skiing without getting wet, but my sore knees made me stop.
  • sunnshinnesunnshinne Posts: 10 Baller
    Yes! This type of thing is exactly what I'm looking for! I will follow up with you! And if anyone else has any ideas just drop a line or a comment. I really appreciate it!
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