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So my 12 year old son is a beginner B2 3 event skier. I have really only ever been a rec skier, but I have been pulling him for jump on our public lake (which actually has a ramp). We are moving his training to a private lake setting and I need to get serious about jump paths. He attended Bennetts this summer and we were told his current jump parameters are RTB-C, "in-course narrow," but honestly I have no idea what that means for the boat path. I understand the ZO settings.

I have looked far and wide for information about various jump paths for the boat, but I haven't found much. Does anyone have a resource to help me understand the various paths, or widths from the ramp? Collegiate split, in-course, in-course narrow vs wide, etc?


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    Narrow means you are on the closer side of the boat bath to the jump. BUT in between the boat guides... just a bit to the left of center. If you ever here Collegiate split that means outside the guides to the left of the boat path(very narrow or closer to the jump with the boat). Hopefully you have a boat path with a set of guide for regular jump driving course.
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    We will have guides at our new place, so your explanation is perfect. Thank you!
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    Never jump here.
    What's the use of being closer to the jump ?
    Safer for beginner,less cut ...?
    My ski finish in 16.95 ...but my ass is out of tolerance!
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    For most it's how much room you want from the wake to ramp, but also get's into when the whip hits, angles, etc.
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    @Broussard, good diagram. @Jimbo what you're referring to as "in course narrow" is commonly referred to as just "narrow split" as mentioned in the diagram. @Andre it allows beginners to just ride over without having to cut into the ramp. As they gain experience they can move out and increase their cut and thus speed at the base of the ramp.

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    @Broussard - great diagram. Thank you. I definitely appreciate the wealth of knowledge here on BOS, especially as a relative beginner to 3 event driving.
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    @jimbo if you can try to get your son some coaching even if it is someone locally who is a good jumper. Coaching from people that knew what they were talking about made a huge difference for my son.

    Mark Shaffer

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    @Chef23 - absolutely. We started working with a jump coach a few months ago, but quickly realized that to progress he needed more reps on a well maintained, consistent course (both slalom and jump) - so we're moving our skiing to a private lake with well maintained jump and slalom courses.
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    @Jimbo at his age I wouldn’t have him go over the ramp more than 2 or 3 days a week. I would have him ride the jumpers a lot focusing on good form. Running the course is good practice for the jumpers and running slalom.

    Mark Shaffer

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