Initiating turn before ball at shortline

drewski32drewski32 Posts: 218 Baller
I was going to make a poll but not sure I can on mobile.

At -35, -38 and shorter, do most of you actually start the turn well before the ball to conserve space, or do you feel that there simply isn't enough available width to do that?

At -35 and shorter I get the feeling in my own skiing that the latter is true. It could just be discomfort on my part, or maybe I'm lacking something in my technique?

A little background in my skiing, I first started running -32 about 4 years ago. I've run -35 twice in practice at 36mph, and scored 2 and 3 in tournaments more times than I can remember. Just this week I tried it at 34 and stroked it my second try, and did that again the next day
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