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Denver/Ft. Collins Area Ski Lakes?

Woody74Woody74 Posts: 30 Baller
Hello, new member here and after a 15 year absence from water skiing I am thinking of getting a boat and getting back on the water. I grew up skiing in British Columbia and was mainly an open water slalom skier. Nothing too serious but on the rare occasion I skied the course I could run the course at 30 mph @ 15 off.

I have a young family and would like to have them on the water like we did when I grew up. I now live just north of Denver, CO and wanted to know which lakes or reservoirs would be best to ski on? My fear is that most will be extremely crowded on weekends and that makes me a little nervous when the family is out there. Are there any standouts worth moving to the top of the list, Boulder Reservoir, Horsetooth Reservoir, Windsor Reservoir, etc? I am also open to paying a fee for private ski lake if it means the boat traffic is significantly less. Thanks for any leads!!


  • TeamWallyTeamWally Posts: 121 Baller
    Welcome back Woody. AWSA Regionals are an hour from Denver, starting this Wed with vendors and all the latest gear as well as great competition to watch. See you there
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