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Help with heelside flip

skisprayskispray Posts: 232 Crazy Baller
I’m looking for some feedback on my heel side flip. I’m getting more consistent at skiing away from this trick but I’m butt-checking the landing on all of my “successful” attempts this season. I can see that I tend to be back-foot heavy off the wake but I try so hard and see very little improvement in terms of that. Would love to hear a few things that I could go think about during this trick that might clean it up.



  • LuzzLuzz Posts: 551 Open or Level 9 Skier
    @skispray solid!! The main problem I see is that your body is too much open to the boat, making you back-foot heavy the second you take off the wake. Try to keep the handle in between you and the wake. It will keep you centered on the ski throughout the take off and, consequently, the landing. If you have to tilt the handle to the left to achieve this, so be it.
    If you go for this, I'd highly recommend to not let go of the handle for preparation, as it makes the handle transition too much to the right.
    Check this video at 1:26 to get an idea of what I mean for "handle between you and the wake"

    Hope it helps
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