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Sizing on Connelly Sync Bindings

DangerBoyDangerBoy Posts: 338 Crazy Baller
I have a line on a really good deal on some Connelly Sync bindings but I'm not sure what size to order. They say the Mediums are 8-9 and the Larges are 10-11. I'm a size 9.5 in most street shoes. It would be ideal for me if they offered a 9-10 size but they don't. Which one size should I order?
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  • wtrskier197wtrskier197 Posts: 22 Baller
    edited August 2018
    @DangerBoy I just got it in the mail today a medium (8-9) sync front binding. So I have not skied with it yet, tried the boot on dry. I am also a 9.5 shoe size. I was really debating on size. I would suggest going to size large (10-11). In fact @Connelly_Skis_Inc recommended i go with large, but I could not pass up the deal I got on this boot. It is pretty tight and wish it was a large, so will have to see how it goes. Hopefully i can break it in a little for a little more toe space. Can use laces to tighten up as needed for size large boots.
  • AndreAndre Posts: 1,313 Mega Baller
    Get the large .If too big,trade with @wtrskier197 !
  • The_MSThe_MS Posts: 5,525 Member of the BallOfSpray Hall Of Fame
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  • WiscoSkierWiscoSkier Posts: 17 Baller
    I am in the exact same boat as you, I wear 9.5 shoes. So on my trick I run a medium sync without the elastic laces because I like to run that as tight as possible and have only released once. On my slalom I run double syncs both in large and I am very happy I am running a large on that. I have ejected on some OTFs that if I would have been in a medium I'm confident I wouldn't have released and injury probably would have occurred.
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