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What is the modern day equivalent to an O'Brien Evidence ski?

crowwingercrowwinger Posts: 1 Baller
edited August 2018 in Skis Fins Bindings
I'm just getting back into skiing this summer after a lot of years as a result of finally getting a boat again to promote skiing to my kids.

I have been borrowing a neighbor's 2007 68" O'Brien Evidence ski for the past month and skiing on it has been like riding a bike... I felt confident in my turns, was comfortable throughout and made me fall in love again - just fun using it. It also has double boots, which I can now say is my preference.

I just bought an O'Brien Siege (unsure of year, but adding a photo for reference) w/ RTP from a garage sale for cheap, but so far not having nearly the same enjoyment. It is pretty twitchy for me, but probably need to continue with some adjustments: I'm getting face spray (in is more narrow that the Evidence and realized it is a 66", which may be too small for me), and the arc of the turn is wider feeling than I was experiencing on the other ski - I feel like I have to force it more.

I'm 44, 185-190lbs, 6'0", intermediate skill level, not skiing a course (but like to test myself), currently skiing at 15' off and about 30-31mph. I can't believe the difference in the skis and guessing that the Siege may be too advanced for me.

Since the Evidence is no longer made, what would be a good modern day equivalent? It seems like the right ski for me.

Thanks for any advice!

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