Do Radar Profile Linings pack out any?

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I went to try some 2016 Radar Profile bindings on today. I'm a 9.5 shoe size and found the 10 was okay. My big toe was at the end pushing into the lining a bit but not bent. All they had in the shop were two right 10s so I tried them both on and there was a difference between the two. One was giving me a bit of pain up under the ball of my foot; the other one a little but much less so.

I think size 10 in those is the right size but I'd be happy if the lining packs out a little and gives me a bit more room in the toe box. Should I expect them to pack out a bit and get a bit more roomy over time?

Just as an added note, I tried a Radar Carbitex Vapor boot on as well and it seems size 11 was the ticket there. I think that confirms what people are saying about going one size larger for the Vapors.
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    You can heat mold the liners, so it should feel better after you do that. I'm a 9-9.5 shoe and have the 10 carbitex vapors.

    I don't want to steer you towards a binding that'll be too small for you, but they work great for me.

    If and when you heat mold your liners, cut the toe portion of a pair of socks out and put them on before molding the liners. That will give you a little extra breathing room in the toe area.

    There's a couple YouTube videos out there to help you do it right.
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    @DangerBoy I had to size up for my Vapor boots. Once you heat mold them they fit perfect.
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    I don't think you can heat mold Profiles. Only the liners in the Vapors. I have both types but I'm not sure if the Profiles have loosened up over time.
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    Danger Boy
    I have 2016 Profiles.
    The lining is not removable.
    They cannot be heat moulded by removing

    I had a similar experience as you (with size 11 US foot). I found the size 11 boot very snug in the area you describe. Tried the 12 which were far too big. Not only was the length far too long but the volume around my foot and ankle was excessive. So much so that I feared lack of control and the potential of my ankle turning inside the boot prior to release.

    The good news is that they very quickly moulded with wear (and I am skiing in a cold climate) so if you are skiing in warmer waters you would probably achieve the custom fit desired for your foot much sooner.

    As I said they are technically not heat mouldable in the sense that you can remove liners and put them in the oven but will mould with wear. A bit like your favourite jeans, they will grow into your shape.

    Glad I went with the smaller size.
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    Yeah, I should've read more carefully. I thought you were talking about the Vapors. Disregard my comment.
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    Perhaps the material is heat moldable in the boots? When I bought my first pair of RS-1s, the heating was done with a hairdryer type device with the removable liners left in the boot.
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    I know the liners aren't removable and "heat mouldable" by definition. I'm glad to hear they do eventually mould to one's foot over time. I bet one could hurry that process along by heating them up with a hair dryer and putting them on a few times. Worth a try anyways.
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    DB correct re hurrying the process. I used the Intuition process using sock of rice in microwave to assist speed things up. You’ll need to assess whether you want to do this v risk of damage to liner but worked fine for me. Or wear it during and after a soak in the hot tub!
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    @DangerBoy I would think you could heat them with a hair dryer or heat gun. You could also put them in really hot water like your bath tub let them soak then put them on and let them cool.

    The intuition liner molding kit comes with something like a bag of rice that you heat up and put in the bladder to warm it then remove and put your foot in.

    I would probably fill the bath tub or a cooler with super hot water then put them on and let them cool.
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