2019 KD Platinum Graphite 67" like new.

2019 KD Platinum Graphite 67" like new 1250 dollar.



  • kckc Posts: 321 Crazy Baller
    @[email protected] I see from your profile that you’re from Sweden. Is this ski there or in the US? Thanks
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    1997 KD 7000 like new. $30

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  • APBAPB Posts: 418 Crazy Baller
    Damn I want that. Was such a good rig.
  • The ski is in Sweden and I can pay the shipping and it takes 4-6 Days usually to get it to a US adress. It´s my sons ski and he is back to the University and the ski is absolutely in perfect condition.
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    @[email protected] just because your son is at University you are selling his stuff? My son is at college in the US and he would smother me in my sleep if I sold his slalom, trick or jumpers on him. Unless of course you are going to buy him a new ski in the spring b
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  • sandviksland@hotmail.com[email protected] Posts: 31 Baller
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    I can get you a short version. It's my sons ski and I am selling it.
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