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Hip flexor pain

I've been getting pretty severe hip flexor pain/tightness on my back leg (right) after I slalom that lasts for days. I'm on a 2016 Radar vapor (Vapor front left and right RTP). I ski 34mph into 35 off. I'm 39 Y.O. Has anyone else had this issue, and if so any good fixes. I've tried yoga, stretching, foam rollers, PT, etc. and nothing seems to prevent it from happening or help much. Thanks.


  • JmoskiJmoski Posts: 300 Baller
    Not sure it’s the same area, but I sprained my SI joint (sacro-iliac) in my right hip (back leg like u) and I use a rogue supernova ball to rollout my hips as it continues to be achy despite being years post injury.

    The ball really gets in there in a way a foam roller can’t. You could use a softball or lacrosse ball as well.
  • HortonHorton Posts: 28,324 Administrator
    is the pain in literally on your side? In the fleshy pocket between the top of your pelvis bone and your hip joint?

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  • bkreisbkreis Posts: 303 Baller
    @WBLskier stretch your front leg quad an inner thigh, then stretch your glute of rear leg and both calves
  • lakeaustinskierlakeaustinskier Posts: 354 Solid Baller
    Also being a lefty I experience the same pain in the same areas. Last season I lost almost five weeks due to the pain. I finally saw someone trained in airrosti and seem to have found a solution. Focusing on the glutes, hamstrings, and psoas muscle (look it up) really helps me. Roll the crap out of the side of your leg with a Trigger Point roller from your middle back all the way down to your knee. Use a lacrosse ball and dig into the painful area (this really hurts, however, you'll eventually feel a release). Do glute bridges/hamstring bridges. I warm-up before and after I ski. This isn't a do it one time cure. You need to stretch these areas every single day. Hope this helps.
    Ted Thomson, Austin Texas, Aquaplex
  • WaterSkier12WaterSkier12 Posts: 269 Baller
    Get an X-Ray, you may have FAI, which predisposes you to osteoarthritis.
    Agree with the stretching, and core strengthening no matter the xray results. Ibuprofen/Aleve
  • braindamagebraindamage Posts: 156 Baller
    Same. Do this every day for 2.weeks. Worked for me.

    +1 on a good warmup, especially focusing on hips, flutes, and hamstrings prior to skiing.

    Lastly, do you push hard on your back leg to cause the ski to come around during the turn? I find that the pain is most prevalent when I do this.
  • turbogooseturbogoose Posts: 23 Baller
    edited September 2018
    I had hip flexer pain that I could not fix with stretching. The pain ran from my groan down the inside of my quad. Turned out to be "Sports Hernia".
  • TELTEL Posts: 321 Crazy Baller
    Before I started skiing Tequila and I were good friends now I have two friends Tequila and Ibuprofen
  • HortonHorton Posts: 28,324 Administrator

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  • motoskiermotoskier Posts: 35 Baller
    Skiing yesterday offside turn, felt a pop (or like somebody hit me in the inside hip with a ball-peen hammer), today major pain, major major swelling. What the heck
  • WaterSkier12WaterSkier12 Posts: 269 Baller
    Look up rectus femoris origin-direct and indirect heads, psoas insertion, and sartorius origin. Possibly avulsion injury vs intra-articular labral injury.

    Good luck
    I have had a mild issue with this, my chiro showed me a specific stretch for the flexor and it works great, difficult to explain. I would consult, chiro, yogi, md for a stretch that isolates the flexor, helped me a lot. And, my brother is a surgeon and told me many years ago, ibuprofen (anti-inflammatory of your choice) BEFORE you ski.
    Doug Roberts San Diego, CA ski rating: 2 balls
  • adkh2oskieradkh2oskier Posts: 156 Baller
    @motoskier I had the same exact thing happen last year, lff, rounding 4 ball at 32 , just got the ski under me, rope came tight and pow, left hip felt like someone hit me with hammer. Had to let go, immediate pain in the fleshy area between hip joint and pelvis(as @Horton) said. Swelled and turned all sorts of puple ish colors. Just rested, stopped skiing for a week, did some stretches and was able to ski. But I could feel a bit of pain there for the next couple months but was pain free about 3 months out. No pain all winter. But the weird thing was that I felt the same pain when I started skiing again this spring but it disappeared after a week or so. Pain free since then.
  • motoskiermotoskier Posts: 35 Baller
    Thanks adkh2oskier that is exactly what happened, same location above the hip, MRI tomorrow I will let you know
  • eleeskieleeski Posts: 3,937 Infinite Pandas
    Look carefully at the MRI for small fractures. Sounds like my broken hip.

    I was recovering well until I got shingles and filled the joint with calcium. Get the shingles vaccine! I ended up with a Birmingham hip (and good results).

    Good luck and speedy recovery.

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