HO Omni Carbon vs. HO Omni Sydicate

I'm looking for some more advise please. Would anyone be able to advise the difference between the Carbon Omni and the Sydicate Omni, in regards to a beginner skier.

I have been skiing for a long time but not much frequency. (maybe twice to eight times a year) So, unfortunately, I would still classify myself as a beginner. After a career change, I will be able to ski quite a bit more. i will be making a concerted effort to work on my fundamentals (probably taking lessons as well). Also, looking to buy a used ski boat.

I currently Ski on a 2012 HO triumph. I am thinking of upgrading now so I don't grow out of the ski. Should I get the Omni Carbon, the Omni Sydicate, or should I stick with the Triumph? (Is it likely that I don't outgrow that ski anytime soon?)

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    I am in the exact same position as you with respect to my skiing past. Last year I hit the course for the first time and while humbling, I can't get enough of it. I was told by a rep at HO that for just learning the course I should go with the Carbon. I have no complaints or regrets, it's still a better ski than I am a skier. I'm going to take the money I saved and get down to Peace Love and Waterskiing next year to get some time with Corey.
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    I believe the main differences between the Omni Carbon and Omni Syndicate are the core material of the ski and the fin. Both have a carbon fibre layup and the ski shape is the same. The Carbon has a
    heavier Polyurathane core and a non-adjustable fin and the Syndicate has the lighter, more responsive PVC core and a fully adjustable fin. While those two extra features are nice to have, they're something that really only a fairly advanced level skier would start to be able to take full advantage of. IMO, they'd be of minimal benefit to a beginner and even an intermediate level skier although some might take issue on that point with respect to the adjustable fin.

    For a skier at your level, the Omni Carbon would be all the ski you need right now and will likely be all you'll need for a few more years. Unless you have lots of extra money to spend, I think your best plan would be to look for a deal on an Omni Carbon now and plan to ski on it for at least a couple years. At the end of that time you could look at picking up an '18 Syndicate Omni at a low price either used or a NOS/closeout. I mean, why pay so much money now to get a level of performance ability you can't really take advantage of now? Better to let someone take the depreciation on that ski and get it way cheaper in a couple years and in the meantime pay a lot less to get a lower performance version of the same ski that can deliver all the performance you'll need for the next couple years? If during the time you're on the Carbon having an adjustable fin becomes important to you, you could look at upgrading the fin and finblock on the Carbon.

    But before you pull the trigger on a Carbon, do some searching for a blem or used Syndicate. If you're lucky, you might be able to find one for not that much more cost than a new non-blemished Carbon. Then it might make more sense just to go for the better ski right off the bat.

    Just my $0.02 worth.
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    The Syndicate Omni has more carbon fiber than the Carbon Omni. The Syndicate also has a PVC core vs a more typical foam core in the Carbon Omni. That will be the biggest difference in the two skiis. With the PVC core the Syndicate will really snap out of the turns where the Carbon will be a little more damper (forgiving). The PVC core also makes the Syndicate Omni incredibly lite. In perfect conditions lite is good. But in less than perfect the extra pound or two of the Carbon Omni will be a benefit. From what you described I would say the Carbon Omni might be the better of the two for you.
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    I used to run the course at 32mph on my 2012 HO Triumph so that ski is actually pretty good. The new ski's are faster and lighter, but not really necessary if you're just learning. If you are not running the course consistently at 30mph, I would wait. Because, by then, the new ski's will be even better:)
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    I disagree @vernonreeve. The Omni's are such a better ski, so easier to ski on, so much less drag with the clean-edge technology. The Triumph just no longer compares. It was a good ski in its day but he will advance so much quicker on an Omni than the old Triumph. Easier to ski on, easier on the body, more sets cause you don't tire so quickly, faster, more responsive.... just an all-around better ski. He will progress so much faster on an Omni.
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    Are you in a course or or you more open water? I have a carbon and couldn’t be happier... the carbon is a little more forgiving in open water... please read this write up...
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    I will most of the time be in open water, I think. Lakes and rivers. I'm not ready for the course yet.

    I forgot to mention I'm in my mid 30s, not in the best shape (now going to the gym 5 days a week to change that).

    BTW, thanks all for the input, I appreciate it. I look forward to more input.
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    @SailorDave17, hi sailor Dave, if your interested, I have a 2018 69" like new Omni syndicate that I have only skied a few sets on, that I can sell to you. The reason that it is so new is because I skied on my first Omni for about 3 or 4 months, and it was just replaced because of a defect. ( excellent customer service).
    I live in the Seattle area. Anyway, good luck.
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    I have a 2014 TX which was the last year in the triumph mold and I really like the ski. My son also really likes it. If you don't ski the course I think you are on the right ski. You might consider a TX superlite.
  • SailorDave17SailorDave17 Posts: 46 Baller
    @bogboy thanks, I'll send you a message. If I am about 180lbs, is that ski to long?
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    @SailorDave17 I have a 67 syndicate omni and have gone as slow as 24 and up to 36. Im roughly 185. 36 is fast for my weight and the amount of ski. 32 and 34 feel decent. 24 is the edge for my weight going slower.
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    That's good to know @Garn. Has anyone compared the Omni to the 2017+ Senate's? I really like my 2017 Senate Graphite, and it's everything you described the Omni to be, so I'm curious how they compare.
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    Looks like folks have already answered @SailorDave17 's questions. The only thing I would point out is that for 2019, based on feedback from the field, Carbon models all have the Syndicate adjustable fin.
    Sam Avaiusini - Operations Manager, HO Sports Company, Snoqualmie, WA
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    @vernonreeve that I can't help you with. I've never skied the Senate. I'm sold on my Syndicate Omni.
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    This is what I wrote in another thread about my Carbon Omni "I swayed to the Carbon Omni vs the Syndicate due to where I ski. Somerset Dam is big and open, and glassy water is a lucky find, so I wanted a ski that was a bit heavier and would suck up the slop. I went from a HO CX Superlite that had a PVC core like the Syndicate Omni to the Carbon Omni, and it was a lot more comfortable. I could definitely feel the "chatter" and "noise" coming through the CX. Don't get me wrong, it was a beautiful ski, it just wasn't ideal for my normal water conditions. I haven't skied Eildon, just driven past, but it looks pretty similar as far as water conditions go. The Carbon Omni will still rip thru a course happily though at my level. My ski shop swapped out the fixed fin to the fully adjustable for a small fee, so I'm really happy with it."

    Ignore my references to the lakes here in Australia. I am really happy with my Omni.
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