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How to complain and or how to get better customer service

HortonHorton Posts: 28,761 Administrator
edited September 2018 in FAQ
The long standing rule around here is as follows:

“Posts that are negative toward water ski companies and products must be specific and written by the person who had the bad experience. Broad brush (non-specific) posts about how bad a product or service is are not allowed.” I rarely see violations of this anymore. It has been years since this has been an issue.

What I do see lately is that a binding part will break or there is a warranty issue on a ski or boat and instead of first calling the dealer there is a complaint posted. This tells the manufacture that you are a pain in the ass before the warranty claim is even made.

Most of the ski industry has really really good customer service and most of the time the dealers are the first point of contact. You might consider that the nice customer gets better service than the pain in the ass customer.

The flip side is that I believe that this forum has created pressure for better customer service over the years. If you are really wronged you should not hesitate to call out any company – BallOfSpray advertiser or not. I believe that if you have a legit issue almost every reputable company in the sport will make it right.
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  • Pat MPat M Posts: 721 Crazy Baller
    @Horton This is exactly how I’m handling a certain issue currently with a manufacturer. But if I don’t get satisfaction on my issue I will sure as hell post it here. Just giving them the opportunity to make things right, but time is running out
  • DWDW Posts: 2,110 Mega Baller
    Thanks to this site, there are mfg. reps active here. A PM to them has worked for me with excellent success and the company provided awesome customer service.
  • MarkSAUMarkSAU Posts: 29 Baller
    In my experience it is the dealer that makes the highest margins so that they can provide the service and expertise expected, and that is a good thing. So if there is an issue go back to the guys who sold the item, they will ( or should) appreciate being able to put it right and retain you as a customer. I have always felt better about a repeat purchase from a dealer that I know will support me, but conversely have avoided those that don’t. Sadly manufacturers are often tainted by an unprofessional dealer, and I have had to go direct to the manufacturer to resolve issues.

    Bottom line, be reasonable, be polite but stand firm if you believe you are right. All else fails, bag the crap out of them on social media so others know not to deal with them 😳
    Melbourne Australia

    "You have not fallen off until you let go the rope"
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