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Connelly GT

Can't afford the new 2019 Connelly GTR :(
Got my eye on a 2017 GT.
Any difference in 2017 compared to 2018?
Also- What's the feedback on the Sync Bindings?


  • McNerneyMcNerney Posts: 9 Baller
    I have a 2015 67 GT that I might want to sell. Ping me at 925-216-6233 if interested.
  • IGskiIGski Posts: 55 Baller
    @McNerney I am 210lbs....would be more interested in a 68
    Thanks though
  • jercranejercrane Posts: 280 Crazy Baller
    @IGski I have the '18 but have not skied the '17. I think they made the '18 slightly stiffer. Thats what I read anyway.

    In a sample of 2 ... one of my ski partners hated the Sync bindings and the other likes them (but not love). The guy who hates them said the liner felt like it sloshed around in the shell too much no matter how tight he got them. He's on a Reflex now and loves it fwiw. I have not skied them myself. I have Radar Vector ltd on mine.
  • IGskiIGski Posts: 55 Baller
    @jercrane Thanks for input.
    I was kind of leaning away from the Syncs. I read they don’t release well. Anyone else have any input on the 2017 GT?
  • BraceMakerBraceMaker Posts: 3,783 Mega Baller
    They do on a mob...
  • lpskierlpskier Posts: 2,561 Mega Baller
    The GTR is a step forward in the GT development. While prior year skis represented incremental or no change, the GTR has a redesigned tip and tail. The 17 GT is still a great ski and if price is a big part of the decision process, not a bad choice at all. Check out the end of year deals at
    John Wilkins- Si non pro sanguine quem ludus ne. #iskiconnelly
  • nleuthnleuth Posts: 45 Baller
    @IGski The 18 GT has a bit more tail rocker than the GT's 15-17. It will settle down into the buoy more and be smoother at the end of the turn. 16 tends to be stiffer than the 15 & 17 GTs. The 18 GT and GTR has very similar and maybe even exactly the same bottom, but the top geometry on the GTR is totally different than any GT. I have been on all the GT's and really like the 16&18. As @lpskier said has a lot of GT's available for a great price. Hope that helps.
  • BoozeBooze Posts: 393 Solid Baller
    @nleuth - you not digging the GTR?
  • nleuthnleuth Posts: 45 Baller
    @Booze I have not been on it yet!
  • OKSkierOKSkier Posts: 122 Baller
    I may have a 68" 2018 GT for sale
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