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Greensboro NC slalom course

Are there any slalom courses in the Greensboro / Winston-Salem area?


  • Orlando76Orlando76 Posts: 1,244 ★★★Triple Panda Award Recipient ★★★
    edited October 2018
    I’m not from there but every now and then I’m sentenced to a week at the inlaws in Danville. From what I understand there’s a club in Raleigh area, name is slipping my mind. Otherwise it’s Norman or south side of SML.
    Maybe it’s Panther Lake Ski Club I’m thinking of but not certain.
  • dvskierdvskier Posts: 591 Crazy Baller
    Yeah it’s PNther Lake south of Raleigh.
  • MichaelWiebeMichaelWiebe Posts: 56 Baller
    Thank you.
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