Used dry suits

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It seems the only people selling them are size large. Damnit, haven't any medium sized people discovered craft beer yet?!? :)


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    I have a baggy M "The Barefoot Company" one. Needs all new seals. It's yours if you want it. I also have an L that also needs seals, a 1990 BI one that's hot pink and turquoise. Both still in otherwise fine shape.
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    You would think that there would be plenty of kids growing out of their M suits ;)
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    Peeing in is a good way to reduce extra buoyancy after farting in.
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    PM sent.
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    Time, heat and use are the enemies of dry suits. Buy new if you can and when not in use store it dry and in a cool dark place. Will last a long time. You can get lucky buying used but if a suits seals are shot replacing them is costly and if you get that done then the next thing to go is one of the seams. In the end you might spend the same as new but have a lot more headaches.
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