Why @MS is not Canadian...

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>>> 11.25..a different kettle of fish. <<<


  • BoneHeadBoneHead Posts: 6,028
    @MS will always be Canadian to me.
    Shane "Crash" Hill

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    Love it.....he lies though...traffic sucks. Must have been sponsored by Summit. Besides, if @MS was Canadian he would have to root for the Jets (lol). Go Wild!
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    Stir vigorously then leave!
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    Ehhh hoser. I was on a hockey team called the hosers LOL
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  • thagerthager Posts: 4,430 Mega Baller
    Actually that video was pretty accurate, except for the drinking maple sirup which I have never seen. Nice touch having actual news people from Fox News 9 and some of our local at the time sports celebrities.
    Stir vigorously then leave!
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    Ya her da
    Shut up and ski
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    @MS c'mon. It's "yah, dare, hey" and "Let's play hockeeeeya"
    Dave Ross--die cancer die
  • MSMS Posts: 5,152 Mega Baller
    That’s southern Canuk
    Shut up and ski
  • jayskijayski Posts: 757 Mega Baller
    This is why @MS is not a canadian...always IPA no BeerNog

  • HortonHorton Posts: 27,168 Administrator
    I watch this video and I'm still convinced that @MS is southern Canadian

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    Don't forget these, eh:

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    Here's a link to invaluable information for anyone who may consider visiting South Canada: https://www.pbs.org/video/tpt-documentaries-how-talk-minnesotan/ . It's a little long and a little dated, but may help anyone considering a visit avoid critical mistakes like the one that got me detained at the border once when returning from Real Canada- I said "Eh" in line at customs and the helpful customs agent wouldn't believe I wasn't from Canada with " an accent like that".
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