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perfskiperfski Posts: 119 Water Ski Industry Professional
edited December 2018 in News & Other Stuff
Hey Everyone, We just received some of Masterline's new Optimized Slide Loop Mainlines. I really didn't have much info on them..but got off the phone with Randy Shoener...and wanted to share with you a summary of what he told me. Please note these are my words interpreted from our conversation. I'm sure they will put out a much more detailed and technical summary of the new rope / whats different and what you will expect as a skier...but my hope is to help give you a little insight into what I learned from him this morning. We have these in stock if you want any also.

December 21, 2018: We reached out to Randy Shoener at Masterline to give us insight on their new Optimized Slide Loop Mainline. Here is a summary of what we learned.

Tournament skiers ski different…the load they put on the line….demands put on their rope can vary greatly depending on their skiing style, technique and urgency at any point in the slalom course.
Masterline reached out to their team skiers to put the load numbers on paper…assess the needs of skiers of all levels and skiing styles to build an ALL NEW rope that is optimized to meet the demands that most skiers put on the rope.

In discussion with skiers and coaches all over the world….they heard complaints that ski ropes were too hard, or too soft….and finding an optimal flex / stretch in a rope was their goal. Masterline started experimenting with the worlds elite skiers in all divisions. A super technical and efficient skier like Nate Smith simply doesn’t put the demands and load on the rope as someone with a ultra aggressive - slashing style of skiing. If a skier gets into trouble….the demands on your rope changes….there are a myriad of different scenarios here….but Masterline took this data, load numbers and used computer modeling to come up with the optimal flex and stretch to best suit the overall group of tournament skiers as a whole. The computer modeled the load data on all the skiers to find a perfect flex number for the average tournament skier. Not too stiff….not too soft… that a skier can get the most acceleration out of the rope while limiting recoil yet still having the stiffness to optimize skier performance.

So what are you going to feel?…what will this rope do different?
In talking with Masterline’s R & D team….skiers will find the rope MUCH more forgiving at the buoy…and it will allow them to finish the turn, hold more edge effectively on the back side fo the buoy….vs pulling them off edge like some of the current ropes do. Bottom line..the rope works better….the Active Rope Technology helps the reduce skier fatigue, minimize mistakes and overall just to ski better irregardless of the demands put on the rope.

Made with Masterline’s proven Poly Pro Max…..but optimized in the polymers used to make the rope and stretch / rebound characteristics….this rope is the new standard for what ski ropes can be.



  • dave2balldave2ball Posts: 717 Crazy Baller
    The new rope is awesome.
  • KRoundyKRoundy Posts: 443 Crazy Baller
    Wow. That's more than I paid for my last handle, but I sure like the idea...
  • SkiJaySkiJay Posts: 2,314 Mega Baller
    I went to the new rope and it was nice. After a month with it, I went back to my old rope half way through a set to see if I could feel any difference. I just about missed my first pass by getting yanked off the second wake, unexpected slack after the ball, and a harsh hookup that caught me not quite finished turning ... repeat. Then I missed the next pass. So I went back to the new rope and everything was easy again. The change was not subtle. In fact it was quite dramatic, even at -28 and -32. ... Your ski should be your dance partner, not a wrestling opponent
  • dchristmandchristman Posts: 1,125 Mega Baller
    @skijay I'm sure you just sold a lot of ropes for Masterline!
    Is it time to ski, yet?
  • Ed_JohnsonEd_Johnson Posts: 2,217
    edited December 2018
    Years a go I use to ski with Brenda's ropes and liked them a lot. The problem was that all the Tournaments seemed to use Masterline, so I switched. I remember it felt like going from a Bungee Cord to a Steel Cable. I have stayed with Masterline for the simple reason that it was to big an adjustment to practice with the Bungee Cord, of which I skied better, and then have to face the Steel Cable at the Tournaments.

    My hope is that the New Rope will be used at Tournaments now, which sounds like it would be an improvement. Hope springs eternal !!!

    Special Thanks to Performance Ski and Surf and the Denali Adam's !!!
  • SkirvindSkirvind Posts: 46 Baller
    I skied the new rope with Matt Rini in October. Being 245lb, he was intrested in how the rope felt to me. It skied great felt solid but soft. perhaps i cloud say it feels like a brenda rope with out the spongy stretch. But I'm not a fan the slip loop style. so I hope they make it loop contruction like the pro rope for my next purchase
  • igkyaigkya Posts: 726 Crazy Baller
    @SkiJay How old was your 'old' rope?
  • blakeyatesblakeyates Posts: 172 ★★★Triple Panda Award Recipient ★★★
    It looks like I’ll be getting a “post Christmas” Christmas present under the tree. Heck, my birthday is in January; I need a Ski Doc too.
    Blake Yates
    Nautique Promo Rep, GA
  • The_MSThe_MS Posts: 5,712 Member of the BallOfSpray Hall Of Fame
    Will they use this rope in the regular 41 off rope?
    Shut up and ski
  • SkiJaySkiJay Posts: 2,314 Mega Baller
    edited December 2018
    @igkya, my old rope was only 4 months old. I have three of them—barely used. If anyone reading this is skiing on a truly tight budget, PM me and I'll send one to you as a late Christmas present. ... Your ski should be your dance partner, not a wrestling opponent
    Ryota Teddy
  • teammalibuteammalibu Posts: 967 Mega Baller
    Sorry Bruce
    Mike Erb Cedar Ridge Canton Miss.
    Horton is my hero
  • dchristmandchristman Posts: 1,125 Mega Baller
    From the Masterline website:

    New for 2019!

    Our new official tournament rope for the Masters Waterski and Wakeboard tournament, Big Dawg Series, Regionals and Nationals tournaments. If you are skiing in a tournament, you should be practicing with this rope.
    Is it time to ski, yet?
  • JackQJackQ Posts: 363 Open or Level 9 Skier
    JaySki, I agree that ML side loops are fantastic. Unless they have recently changed, all their ropes do not have that feature, or some tournaments (2018) are using ropes older than I would expect. I was not attempting to disparage ML accuracy, I have been using their handles for over a decade, but many mfgs have had at least sporatic tolerance issues. I was unaware of what mfg of the “old” ropes you were referring to. That being said, Brenda’s ropes are top notch and hare never felt the slightest bit stretchy to me.

    I haven’t yet tried ML new optomized line, but doubt I will feel the difference but if they provide a little more forgiveness hooking up at the buoys my elbows will hurt less. Since going to the 80 strand lines ten+ years ago, I feel more stress on my joints. I weighed more at the time, ~205, which may have extenuated the effect of the 80 strand rope.
  • dave2balldave2ball Posts: 717 Crazy Baller
    @JackQ this new ML rope is a game changer. The rope loads you smoother less slack at the ball smoother edge change after the load is released.
  • ALPJrALPJr Posts: 2,216 Mega Baller
    Good to here. We all moved to In Tow ropes a few years ago and noticed a similar effect. Changed from straightlines and accurates.
  • WaterSkier12WaterSkier12 Posts: 269 Baller
    Any difference in the Jr ropes?
  • UWSkierUWSkier Posts: 1,577 Mega Baller
    Does the new rope make ZO feel more like PP?
    boats are like girlfriends you love them however there is another one around the corner - bananaron, July 21, 2020
  • KillerKiller Posts: 432 ★★★★Quad Panda Award Recipient ★★★★
    What happens when the wind blows 11 from the SE?
  • BraceMakerBraceMaker Posts: 4,415 Mega Baller
    @jimski new denali?
  • MISkierMISkier Posts: 2,960 Mega Baller
    I’m trying to figure out what has actually changed. It sounds like some of you say the old rope was too tight. I had experienced the opposite. I thought the old ropes were too stretchy - at least the Black tournament ropes. The improvement for me would be less stretch. What did they really do to the new rope?
    The worst slalom equipment I own is between my ears.
  • Jody_SealJody_Seal Posts: 2,992 Mega Baller
    @dave2ball you ought to post a video of the process from spooled yarn to end product. The braiders a cool to watch run..
    Hobby Boats can be expensive when the hobbyist is limited on their own skill and expertise.

  • The_MSThe_MS Posts: 5,712 Member of the BallOfSpray Hall Of Fame
    @mlusa Is there only 1 rope to buy or do you use the same rope for all your ropes? Getting ready to purchase a new rope for the season.
    Shut up and ski
  • scokescoke Posts: 671 Crazy Baller
    Recent experience and our plan:

    A few weeks back someone skiing with us had one of these new style ropes. After a few passes, they asked if they could swap out my rope and let me try it mid-set. Sure why not?

    I skied a pass on it and ran some buoys. WOW. Asked if they were swerving or slowed the boat down. NOPE. Ran another pass and immediately told them to swap it back to my personal rope. They couldn't believe I didn't want to keep skiing it. Told them it was too good and the next few sets would be on my personal rope and didn't want to get spoiled.

    No it's not a silver bullet and an end all be all but it sure was a game changer as well as evolution in technology.

    We plan on ordering 3 ropes tomorrow or next week:
    1 for myself
    1 for Ms. Scoke
    1 as a backup

  • dave2balldave2ball Posts: 717 Crazy Baller
    @Jody_Seal I agree I don’t think ML would allow that Ill ask though.
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