How much is a 1994 SNOB worth

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Hi there,
Have been looking for my first boat as I'm still in college and hope to stay under 10k while going in with a family member. We have been looking for months but recently found a 1994 ski nautique open bow with 530 hours and a very clean hull. There are a few small tears but overall a pretty clean original interior. One of the speedometers are broken with a busted tube that leeks water under the carpet a little bit. Seller is asking for 10k but I am looking to get a little bit off of this number. Hoping to save money to be able to afford perfect pass later on down the road. Is this a reasonably priced boat? Please let me know what you think and any experience with these boats.


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    Do you have more specs and photos?
    I'd say the bottom of the market would be around 6k
    For 10k it should be pretty nice.
    For 12k it should be really nice and have perfect pass new tarp new tires on the trailer etc.

    Some parts of the boat are much more time and money to fix, interior will suck you dry fast since seat skins are basically NLA you end up paying for a full interior job.
    A transmission on the other hand you can usually snag on Ebay for 600 bucks and swap in an hour.

    So just inspect really well and offer what you are comfortable with.
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    older boats are more condition than anything. If it was well maintained I think 10k is OK - I would think 8-10k I wouldn't buy a boat without a compression test and lake test.
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    I don't know where you are . But on SIA there is a MB sport 2003 for 10 grand great boat already has PP Stargazer , fuel injection. I had my MB shipped from Colorado to Connecticut for $1500.00 . I find it's better to spend a little more up front and good luck on what ever boat you get
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    @Bracemaker is right on. Interior is really critical. Seat bottoms are pretty reasonable to get replacements for from Christine's but after that it can start getting insane quickly. It's amazing to me that folks will obsess over anything mechanical when a new interior costs more than any other item on the boat.
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    Sold my 94 SNOB about 2 years ago for $10,500. Good condition.
    Carl Addington, Cedar Ridge, MS
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    I think $10k for a SNOB is on par. They fetch more than the CB and are certainly far less common. Hope you’re familiar with the SNOB and did your research. I love the NWZ but not a fan of the SNOB. What region are you in?

    Catch me on the right day and my clean 93 cbsn is available.
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    Does it have a trailer & cover to go with it?
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    First off, $10k is definitely reasonable if its in good shape. There are a few things to keep in mind as you search:

    1. Think about things that will need to be replaced and/or need significant maintenance in the first year or 2. i.e. steering cable, compression problems, upholstery, etc. Little things can add significantly to the first year cost of any used boat.
    2. Be sure to check and verify the oil change intervals. Every 50 hours is the standard, but if someone only puts 20 hrs a year on a boat, the chances are good it went several years between changes. Oil should be changed once a year regardless of the hours of use.
    3. One quirk of the open bow version is that Nautique moved the helm and passenger seat back something like 6" from the closed bow model. Be sure to check that there is enough room to move for the driver and passengers between the seats and motor box. If the open bow is important to you, that is probably a reasonable compromise. If you never use the open bow, the primary space can be a little cramped.
    4. For that year boat, your biggest maintenance issues/problem areas will be the carburetor and the breaker point ignition. These can be a real headache and leave the boat sluggish and sometimes not starting at all. Nautique and most of the other manufactures went to fuel injection and electronic ignition around 1997.

    I know you have $10k in mind, but if you spend just a little more, you may be better off in the long run, even for a first boat. Here's a shameless plug for one that's ready to go.
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    In 1994 CC used a throttle body efi. Reasonably reliable system BUT... The only downfall to almost any PCM motor from that era was the Pro Tec ignition which is a quick and easy ~$500 fix if it was carb’d, throttle body add another $550. I’ll take any carb’d PCM motor over a 20 year old plus PCM GT-40. A properly tuned carb is like a sore ****, you just can’t beat it.
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    @Orlando76 did they have a base carb boat? People have parts for that protec ignition ecu now.
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    @BraceMaker CC offered a carb until 1999 and possibly up to ‘02, uncertain on the lattEr. 1994 was first year for EFI and I think was the only option but a carb did resurface soon. I’m unaware of a source for the Pro Tec parts, do you have info? The coil packs is what gave out. I have a complete system or two for a carb Pro Tec. Dunno why I’m holding onto it.
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    I had a 94 add on TBI that I think Holley produced that had vapor lock issues.
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    Scotty , you could probably talk your way into a "Butterfield payment plan"...….hmmm?
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    I have a '95 Nautique closed bow, efi, I love the thing! No problems ever.
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    I have a 1990 with 850 hrs Z box it is a sweet little boat great at -15 and -38

    I have the same buoy count when I ski my boat or a new 2016 200 a freind has C-1 and ski.
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