Radar ski or Connelly V ski ??? Recommendations please.

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Hi all, I am looking at getting a new Slalom Ski, to be honest I am a 99% social slalom skier and 1% course at the moment, Currently I still ride my 20 year old HO Mach 1, I love it but it never stops wanting to hunt an edge and now I want something a little less effort to ride, but still able to cut the mustard when I want it to, so my decision has come down to 4 possibles, RADAR SENATE ALLOY, RADAR SENATE GRAPHITE, CONNELLY V, CONNELLY CARBON V, problem is I cannot try either as I don't have that opportunity, and I can only go by all advice I have already received, also out of the 2 brands shortlisted will I be better or worse off going with the slightly more expensive option of these skis, of is it unlikely I would even notice the difference, I don't mind spending the extra if it's a better choice, any advice would be welcomed please. Thank-you.


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    Well you’ll never get a chance to try Connelly in my personal exhaustive experience. So with that alone go with Radar. And if you’re in the states and contact Brooks Wilson with Radar I am willing to be he will try greatly to get you a demo.
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    Not intending to disagree with @Orlando76 , but I’ve found Connelly a great company to be great to work with for the 20 years or so I’ve used their skis. Just got one of the first 68 GT-R’s to come out of the mold.

    I have a Carbon V and can tell you that is exactly what you are looking for. It’s easy to ride but will rip it in the course of that’s what’s on the day’s agenda.

    I’ve never ridden a Senate but I’ve never heard a bad word about it. I’m sure it too would be just great for your needs.

    I’d go with Connelly but I’m a Connelly guy. H2OProShop.com has great deals on both.
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    @djycb I would love to have you try a Syndicate Omni or a Carbon Omni through our factory demo program.

    PM me here if you have any questions on how the program works.
    Sam Avaiusini - Operations Manager, HO Sports Company, Snoqualmie, WA
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    I'm a recreational skier and have never been in a course, but I love pushing it and cutting as hard as I can. I picked up a new old stock 2016 Connolly V last summer and love it. It cuts nicely and has more speed than the more beginner level ski it replaced. Summit Sports had them on close out for a really good deal. If 65 is the right size for you, they have some crazy discounted V and Carbon V options right now.
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    I know someone that has a Connelly Carbon V but it is now about 5 or 6 years old and I can probably try that, but that may give me a false indication as I doubt it is the same as any of the current models so not sure it will help ??? I am sure current models would feel and ride a lot different to this ???
    Sorry forgot to mention 67" is the size I ski on.
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    My guess is @djycb is in Australia (using the term “social skier” is usually a dead giveaway) and therefore it makes it difficult to get your hands on demos, etc.
    Have never tried a Connelly but have heard good reports. Have a much loved ‘19 Radar Senate Lithium and coming off a ‘17 Senate Lithium. My freinds have tried my skis as well and were immediately comfortable on them and said they said it would be their next ski. If you go Radar you won’t be disappointed. Go with the more expensive build if you can afford it. The Graphite in the Radar or Carbon in the Connelly versions.
    It may come down to what’s available in your area. Good luck in your search.
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    YEP @Dacon62 , Australian mate, :smile: the Lithium is a fair bit above my budget, would the 2019 Senate Graphite be much different, another question is, if going to the more expensive option in either skis is that an issue in everyday social skiing (as in more twitchy or tiring to ride) ??
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    If you are talking about current year skis both the Senate Graphite and Alloy versions are built with carbon fiber and come out of the same mold with the biggest difference being the core material. The Graphite has a Polyurethane core were the Alloy has an “all terrain” core.
    In most cases the less you pay the softer the ski flex and the heavier the skis weight.
    Softer isn’t necessarily a bad thing if you are just joy riding around on maybe less than flat water. But once you start pushing the ski harder a firmer more reactive ski will perform better. Get the Graphite.
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    @djycb, do you want to buy new? There are plenty of good used skis around. What sort of budget do you have? Where are you located? You could contact Connelly / Jobe watersports Australia (Wayne Briant) to see if you can demo a V. I can get you a demo on a D3.
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    I went through a similar debate, and when with the Senate Lithium. I'm purely an open water guy, and had debated going with the Alloy, but the guy at Wiley's in Seattle convinced me to go with the more aggressive ski.

    Took me a couple sets to get used to the ski, as it seems to take a bit more effort at turn in, but man am I glad I went with that ski, I absolutely love it. For reference, I was using an older HO Coefficient X, and was hesitant to spend the money if it was going to ski the same. It was definitely an updgrade!

    Brooks and Bryce Gardner were super cool to work with. I'm in Seattle and they offered to let me ski up at Radar Lake (not a course guy so I didn't take them up on it).

    Good luck!
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    I gave myself a 2019 Connelly Carbon V for Christmas!!! Brilliant ski, love it!!

    The Senate did not feel right for me, just my style I recon.

    Could not get an Omni to test but once I rode the Carbon V I was hooked.

    Spent 10 days over the holidays riding it in open water in a mix of glass and heavy chop, clearly more fun the smoother the water but handled the chop really well. Also noted how fast it was, and relatively forgiving for an old fart.

    Melbourne Australia

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    Love the Connelly
    Merry Christmas
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    They are both great skis - i have friends on both.
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    @MarkSAU Saw your picture and loved the new Carbon V graphics. Then realized it was Christmas wrapping.

    Kidding aside, this year’s Carbon V is one of the coolest looking skis I’ve seen.
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    @djycb Do you live in the U.S? If so, we'd love to send you a Carbon V to demo (just send us your email address). We think you would love it. It's extra forgiving and stable, but advanced enough to help you excel in the course. There's a whole article about it if you want to check that out as well.

  • Connelly_Skis_IncConnelly_Skis_Inc Posts: 43 Water Ski Industry Professional
    Here is the link to the Carbon V if you want to see more specs. https://www.connellyskis.com/carbonv.html
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    Well from all this advise so far I can take out of it that the higher level of the both skis is the better option, now just down to Radar Senete Graphite vs Connelly Carbon V.
    (mmmmm) what to choose :/
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    For what it's worth, I myself went from an 16 y/o HO Mach 1 to a Radar Lithium Vapor. The transition was easy and I love the Radar. I know you are not presently considering that model however, but perhaps you might give it a look. I could ski on it comfortably right away, yet it has more upside potential than I'll ever be able to take advantage of.
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    @djycb you looking at picking up a ‘17,’18 or ‘19 model?
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    @Dacon62 looking at the '19 model, do you know if there is any difference other than looks to the '18 model ?
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    @Cnewbert I ended up doing the same thing essentially. Going from a friend's old HO CDX/my HO freeride to an 18 lithium vapor. Found the vapor to be super stable and easy to ski from 30mph to 36mph. I ski primarily open water, with a little bit of course riding sprinkled in here and there.
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    @djycb the biggest visually noticeable difference other than graphics and colors are the ‘17 & ‘18 models had a small step in the rails around the front foot area. The ‘19 lost the step in the rails. I went from a ‘17 to a ‘19. I was immediately comfortable on the ‘19 and PB’d on it the second set. Good to hear you are getting a ‘19 although there is nothing wrong with older models. Every time they tinker with them they seem to make them just a little bit better.
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    @djycb with the Carbon V there is a difference from '18 to '19 in the core. The 2019 version features Skelecore. This technology reduces the mass of the core allowing the carbon and glass fibers of the ski to react more naturally. You still get some of the chop dampening properties of a PU core (as @MarkSAU mentioned) but you're taking a step toward the low-weight properties of a PVC core.

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    I got the carbon v and it's more ski than I can handle
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    @Joelh As I stated in the other thread the 2012 version of the ski is not the same as the current version of the ski. The 2012 was extreme and just way too stiff. The current Carbon V is refined and I would be surprised if you did not like it.

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  • djycbdjycb Posts: 8 Baller
    Thanks for that info @CollinSpradlin , I am leaning towards the Connelly Carbon V, must admit it,s an impressive looking ski also, @Joelh commented, "I got the carbon v and it's more ski than I can handle" I'm a bit concerned that he's saying that it's to advanced for just a social skier or is that it's a great ski and that the average skier would love it but probably never out ski it ???
  • TFINTFIN Posts: 94 Open or Level 9 Skier
    @djycb while either ski will be a vast improvement over your current set up, the shape of the new Senate is by far our most user friendly design to date. From open water turns at 32 miles an hour or faster, to all the way through 41 off at 34 miles an hour in the course, this ski is all about ease of turns and crazy cross wake speed. Really proud of this ski, DM me for details if you like.
  • JoelhJoelh Posts: 22 Baller
    I just meant it's a better ski than I am skier personally I would save up a bit longer and get the GTR
  • Chris RossiChris Rossi Posts: 324 Open or Level 9 Skier
    @djycb as @TFIN wrote, the 2019 Radar Senate is one versatile ski and one that you will be very happy you purchased. We sell a lot of these skis and every year at boat shows all across the country we get customers returning to tell us how much they love this ski. How easy and intuitive it is to ride. How they wish they had purchased one earlier. I feel very confident you will be over the moon with your purchase. As far as which version of the senate to buy, I recommend going with the highest level version that fits in your budget. It won't be too much for you.

  • djycbdjycb Posts: 8 Baller
    Thanks @Chris Rossi what particular Senete's are you talking about, I would only be looking at either the Alloy or Graphite, (probably the Graphite), are either of these at this level what you are referring to ??
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