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1986: The year THE Pope(s) came to town...BLP/KLP story

mfjaegersrmfjaegersr Posts: 204 Solid Baller
edited February 2019 in News & Other Stuff

Inspired by @MISkier's classic video post, my brief story about the LaPoints.

I was 20 and in my second summer of skiing the course. It was 1986 and the Western Regionals came to our lake in Oregon...and because one had to ski at Regionals to qualify for Nationals at that time...the LaPoint brothers came too.

I'm not a church guy...but it was like there were two Popes...and both of 'em came to Sunday school that day. Holy Shortline! Bob had to run 35 3 times (Ski Supreme - pffft!) on his way to 2 at 39.5, edging Kris by a half buoy. BLP had a bit of a tail wind, so there was no shot at his (then) WR of [email protected] Interesting - the local paper article indicates BLP 'enjoys a six-figure income as a professional waterskier'...Hmmm. Wow. In 1986? And what's the going ('Nate') rate now?

Picture and article from THE Oregonian, Sunday August 3, 1986.


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