Recommendations for ski vacation for 9 yr old learning to slalom

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Can anyone recommend a ski site for a father and son to take a ski vacation, where the site is fully setup for teaching slalom deep water starts (ie. has a boom boat), and has "other things to do nearby", such as is close to a beach and/or waterpark and things like that. I know Orlando has dozens of sites and certainly meets the 'other stuff to do' criteria, but even a pro skier I know can't tell me any one of them that has a boom in order to teach my 9 year old a deep water start. My son is perfectly capable on 2 skis and positively loves the water. He checks all the boxes to set himself up for success provided we can find the right site to teach him. Anywhere in the US is in play - thanks for any advice!


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    Not sure on the other things to do aspect but I think if it were me I'd be thinking Coble.

    I think they're really oriented towards your son's level.

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    I dont know now but long a go Swiss Ski School had the boom.
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    One thing we have found as a family is that the "ski vacation" is a great way to develop skills in the kids. We have a group of families that take a week at Lake Norris in TN and we all bring our ski boats (This year we will have 4 slalom boats and 1 wakeboard boat). While this is not a ski school setting, it gives a ton of water time which is often the biggest need as it pertains to ski development. We have done this trip for almost 8 years and watch kids go from total beginners to learning to barefoot, slalom, basic trick skiing, other goofy things. Last year we invested in a portable course and dropped that in. The kids really advanced having ski sets whenever they wanted them. Of course, with one of these big lakes, you need to find a spot to put the course that has a decent shoreline and minimal traffic which is easier said than done. The east end of Norris is dramatically better than the west as it pertains to boat traffic.
    Obviously, if you are seeking professional coaching this type of vacation does not work unless you get someone to travel to you but thought I would throw it out there as a brainstorm.
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    Shut up and ski
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    Talk to Travis at @theboardingschool , great location and facility. Travis and Freddie are fantastic. I went with my buddy Tom last October and we are bringing our sons this April.
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    Cory Pickos is set up and magnificent with beginner kids. Just tell them what you need and follow their recommendation regarding when to come. Beaches are awesome.
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    We have visited Coble’s now going on 3 years. Great atmosphere for families.
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    Pretty sure Jodi's in Orlando has a boom. He is also close to all the theme parks.
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    Yes, jodi Fisher has a boom and often teaches beginners. He's great with any skill level.
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    Coble's Ski School would be my first choice. I took my kids there starting when they were that age and they learned a ton and had a blast. Coble's has housing for kids and families, feed you and has additional activities for the kids. I highly recommend it for what you are looking for. Generally my kids stayed with the other kids and I stayed either with my wife or a buddy of mine that we went with. They had a lot of fun with the other kids. All told my son went probably 10 times and my daughter 5 or 6.
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    Know I am partial to Swiss Ski School as I ski there a lot, but I have watched them patiently teach ALL levels of skiers...from learning deep water starts on combo skis to learning slalom on the boom. They have all the equipment and great coaching for beginning slalom skiers. Clermont is close to all the attractions and the Zip the Canyons on Ocala. You can rent a house with a pool as well. Pretty darn nice set up for a ski/family vacation. Hope you and your son have a great time where ever you go.
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    McGinnis has a boom, they're in Fort Lauderdale so if you need beach time good to go.
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    @theboardingschool hands down @Rob Great place to learn how to ski as they have a boom, awesome accommodations. Plus you'll have a blast with the staff there. Travis, Jimmy and Freddie will take care of ya!
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    I would also suggest Jodi Fisher. I've been there twice with my entire family of various abilities over the past 3 months. Jodi really worked very well with my 13 year old daughter who was struggling with her deepwater slalom starts. She had a great time and really had a confidence boost when we left.

    Lots of other stuff to do nearby. Check with Jodi since he mentioned he will be teaching in Europe over the summer.
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    Seth is in Charleston, has a boom, and does a great job with kids. Plus, there are great options for fun activities and restaurants without your wallet getting taken by a giant mouse.
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    Eden Ski Lake in Fort Myers. Great, easy going atmosphere. We're a blended family and take 4 kids there at various levels from learning on the boom to course. Beaches nearby to spend the afternoon after morning sessions. Highly recommended.
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    thanks very much to everyone who replied - great to see there are so many highly recommended options. Will look at each over the next week and book shortly!
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    @Rob We can definitely help out. We have a boom for our ProStar, and a tower as well, so those first deep water starts are easier. We get a ton of father/son combos. Great setup about 30 minutes from the beach or anything else in Orlando. Please let me know if you have any questions.
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