D3 EVO-S Waterski

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I have been seeing ads for the new D3 EVO-S Waterski that is new for 2019. Does anyone know about this ski? I can't seem to find much info on this.


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    Softer flex:

    The D3 EVO-S traces its heritage to the incredibly successful ARC-S. The EVO-S still features the quick, stable turns the EVO is known for but don’t be fooled… the EVO-S has performance to spare. A softer flex philosophy from the middle of the ski forward allows the skier quicker more precise access to the front of the ski as the skier changes edges and approaches the turn. The EVO-S is especially effective for skiers who like to ride a slightly larger size ski or may be on the lighter side of the weight-range.

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    Nice marketing.
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    I demo'd the Evo last year a bunch of sets, then tried an ARC-S after and far preferred the ARC-S. My favorite D3 of all so far. As such I have high hopes for the Evo-S.
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    @jhughes What were the biggest differences of the EVO and the ARC-S?
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    ARC-S seemed to come around more symmetrically for me, particularly on the onside turns. I still have it though I'm not riding it primarily. I had a hard time making the EVO work on both sides and I gave it a nice long trial period. Keep in mind this is in the 28-32 off range at 34. Can't speak for shorter lines or 36mph.
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    That’s odd for the ARC. Most people hated the on side but loved the offside. EVO fixed the on side for me. To each their own.
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    Bump - any reports?
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    Well, I've never heard that "most people hated the onside", but it's good that has been solved!
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  • ALPJrALPJr Posts: 2,839 Mega Baller
    Bump - any reports?
  • ALPJrALPJr Posts: 2,839 Mega Baller
    Any reports on the Evo-s? - anyone switch from the Arc-s to this ski?
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    Just got on the EVO 'S' out of the box super impressive, turns both sides equally well, can screw up on it and still wind up early and wide enough for next buoy, likes to be ridden center but if your heavy on the front it won't stall at the finish and if you come out of the turn on the tail it still gets you there...so many good attributes about it
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    Loved my ARC-S and should’ve never sold it.
    How does the Evo-S compare to the Arc-S?
    Anyone tried both of them?
    Pretty steep price tag on the d3 skis these days.
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    @DavidN : the evo is literally an evolution of the arc, my bet would be that you like the evo s as much or more than sn your arc s
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    @jhughes can you share your ski settings and what size you are on?
  • drewdrew Posts: 110 Open or Level 9 Skier
    I am seeing really good results from almost everybody trying the Evo-S... In almost every case it results in a switch. Super user friendly and forgiving, while capable of developing lots of angle
  • DaveDDaveD Posts: 1,062 ★★★Triple Panda Award Recipient ★★★
    Watching the Jr. Master's today, most of them were skiing on the EVO.
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    Cause it's awesome...
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    Any updates?
  • jayskijayski Posts: 1,170 Mega Baller
    yep still awesome, between the EVO, EVO-S, and NRG, D3 has an amazing line up that I would put up against ANY other MFG's skis
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    @Tim Vaio What you just described about your EVO-S is literally the exact same thing I feel on the EVO.
    Like you, I rode the ARC-S. I could run 35 occasionally on it. But I never felt like the ski established enough angle to create enough space to run the pass flawlessly. I always needed a big 3 ball to run it.

    The 2018 EVO took care of the angle problem and 35 started feeling easy. I ran [email protected] a good handful of times in practice and thought I was going to run it once but went down around 5 ball. Tied my tournament pb of [email protected] a good number of times. (Hit the right arrow on the pic)

    The 2019 EVO will probably be the ski that gets me through 38. What I felt at stock was a crazy good offside and so-so onside. Just couldn't get the ski to dive into the turn.
    I moved my bindings back one hole from stock and went from stock in my length to 6.954. Wing is setup at 8.5 degrees and DFT and depth are stock.
    I'll probably stick with these numbers because the ski absolutely rocks.
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  • DaveDDaveD Posts: 1,062 ★★★Triple Panda Award Recipient ★★★
    Stop it! Fake news! Quit saying it’s better than the Arc. Someone has to jump in here and say the Evo sucks. I love my Arc-s and don’t want to drop another pile of money on a new ski. 😀
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    @DaveD I love the ARC-S. My personal experience with the EVO wasn't amazing. To be honest, I skied better on the NRG than I did the EVO. I was only on the EVO for a short time, so it's very possible I could've got it dialed in to a more comfortable ride.

    I will probably demo the new NRG R1 and the EVO-S, and spend a few weeks deciding which one fits me better.
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    Just a little insight in that the majority of skiers that have demoed the EVO, EVO 'S' and NRG we have spent more efforts on binding placement than fin movement. Small increments forward/back and front/rear spacing are making a noticeable difference in the skis attributes depending on skiers style. Venturing from factory fin settings are minimal if at all.
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    I got an EVO mid last season. Tried bindings stock, forward .25, stock, back .25. Had a buddy tell me I looked the best he’s seen me ski, but I was feeling sort of indifferent and was planning to sell the ski. Finally this spring, back .50” from stock 30” ( I’m at 29.5” on 67”) and now I’m pretty excited about the ski. Feels much more alive and nimble. I have a Microjust and may install and fine tune from here, but this feels really really good. Doing an EVO demo? Don’t send it back until you’ve moved your bindings around a bit, or even a lot.
  • Tim VaioTim Vaio Posts: 35 Baller
    JaySki, I agree with you. I think on the EVO-S I have seen the biggest impact with binding placement. I did move the fin forward but once the binding position was right it made a bigger impact.
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    So, after struggling with my KD Platinum for more than a season, and still missing my old D3 ARC-S, @jayski set me up with a brand new D3 Evo-S.
    I’m on it now for about 3 weeks and couldn’t be happier!
    My skiing is better than ever, the ski felt perfect right out of the box (stock fin, stock settings, and stock binding placement) and today I even tied my PB despite a very bad gate and 93° water.
    That ski has been a real confidence builder for me since day one and it took almost no time to get used to it. (Okay, I had been on a couple d3 skis in the past, but this one I like by far the best!)
    It is fast, it is super stable, it turns on a dime on- and offside and never surprises you with any unwanted or unexpected behavior.
    I never had so much fun hitting the course!
    Thanks again Jay! :)
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    Nice report. Thanks
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