Trip advise - hiking and water skiing

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Potentially looking to take a trip that would include some mountain-ish trail type hiking and hopefully skiing.
Any recommendations? Same day to do both would be nice or could ski a day or three then travel close to hike a day or three.
Figuring a ski school unless someone wants to offer some pulls...
I’m in Midwest, but we can fly places...
So far, looking at:
Liquid zone - Sacramento - figuring hiking has to be east of there somewhere. Possibly same day type stuff which would be cool.

Corey vaughn ski school - not sure how far would have to drive to hike.

Cobles- definitely ski a few days then head to Appalachian mtns for a few days.

Any other places I should look at or someone else who has tried a similar trip?



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    Come to Colorado. Had a hard time finding a third last summer. Hike, bike, moto, atv trails next to lake or access from town. Unlimited hiking in area, Rocky Mtn. Nat. park 1hr. drive, less busy places nearby. All welcome to come & ski, old boat, no coarse, but some great water in am.
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    @skimtb Don't be afraid to contact Corey Vaughn about places around to hike. He will for sure know all the places. Plus his site is one to ski, awesome lake! Liquid zone is an amazing site as well, look at dates and you could catch @twhisper there. He might chime in on places around he mountain bikes quite a bit.
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    Definitely consider coming to Western North Carolina. Abel Ski School at Mystic Waters - Austin Abel is a phenomenal coach. You can stay on site - three options at this link. You are within 15 minutes of a world class hiking/mountain biking trail at Buffalo Creek and within an hour of the Blue Ridge Parkway with epic hiking all along it and near all that Asheville offers. There's a lot more to do for fun as well. Personally, I like to go horse back riding, and the whitewater kayaking on the Green River is some of the best anywhere.
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    +1 on Austin Abel ski school. He's a great oath and his school is much more laid back than any other school that I've attended. Great hiking and mountain biking close by in Western NC. Also Asheville is 45 minutes away with the world famous Biltmore Estate and an award winning winery on site. For craft beers Asheville leads the way as well. Highly recommended!
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    Sierra Nevada Brewery is just south of Asheville. If it were me, i'd skip the hiking and go there after skiing.
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    Thanks all. I had forgot about Asheville. Nice area for sure.
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    If you want the very best hiking, come up to Kalispell, Montana and do the Glacier park day hikes. Ptarmigan Tunnel is a really good hike. Glacier Park is about 30 minutes from Kalispell. Lots of people on the new Rosewater ski lakes that would be happy to pull you.
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    I'll second hiking in Glacier! In my youth did several 5-6 day backpacking trips. Later with my wife did several day hikes. For my money best scenery in the US!
    Rick Bohn
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    We had the best skiing and hiking in Kauai. Ski on the Wailua River and hike the Sleeping Giant, and look down at the Wailua River you just skied on. The Napali Coast has a 21 mile trail that is Breath Taking. Best place I ever lived. Skiing, Horse Back Riding, and best Moto Cross Trails I have ever seen. Water Falls every where. You could skinny dip in water that was so clear and fresh you could drink it.

    PS:Also Loved Glacier, had a Moose drinking at a Lake we skied on. Although, my Wife was terrified of Running into a Grizzly Bear while hiking.

    Special Thanks to Performance Ski and Surf and the Denali Adam's !!!
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    Sierra Nevadas awesome hiking. I've been fairly close to Bakersfield when hiking there.
  • DirtDirt Posts: 1,740 Open or Level 9 Skier
    You could ski a couple sets at liquid zone and do some awesome hiking the same day.
    I learned everything I know not to do from Horton
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    @Ed_Johnson Does this look familiar?
    Rick Bohn
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    @dbski ... Sure does, but I don't see my Slalom Course that I had at the base of the Wailua River below. What a great place that was to live, hike, and ski.

    When I was in High School and flying Piper Cubs out of a grass strip, never dreamed I would get to Live in Kauai, and fly 747's all over the world...Thanks !!

    Special Thanks to Performance Ski and Surf and the Denali Adam's !!!
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    I enjoyed skiing with Kenny on the Wailua River in 1986. Remember the 4 ball slalom course and the well dressed Japanese tourists on the tour boats that were cruising by on the way to the waterfalls upriver. Did it again in 1988 but that was the last time I skied there. The locals kind of had some strong feelings about visitors skiing as I remember. Kenny was a great host.
  • dbskidbski Posts: 344 Mega Baller
    When I was there no course and I was really surprised how cool the water was.
    Rick Bohn
  • skimtbskimtb Posts: 532 Crazy Baller
    Anything ski wise in Arizona? I’m sure there is hiking...
  • lcarneslcarnes Posts: 123 Solid Baller
    We just discovered a new-to-us trail last weekend - Wildcat Rock. Can't say enough good things about the views or the quality of the hike - if you like straight up! Less than 30 minutes from Abel Ski School and Mystic Waters.
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    Ski at Swerve Ski School!!! Ski, go to Nashville for the nights, and hike and camp at the Smokey Mountains for a few days!

    I am going to do this trip in may and I can't wait! Skiing with Mike at Swerve is the best!
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