Need help with HO VTX fin settings

Trying out a new HO VTX and looking for input on fin/ boot settings. Running factory now and feel ski could finish turns especially onside a little better. It's a 66" and I start at 22 and finish at 32 @ 32 - 34 mph.
If you think the Pro or Alpha is WAY better, tell me. Thanks!


  • MJEMJE Posts: 124 Baller
    To confirm, you're currently running these settings? 29.00, 6.960, 2.460, 0.725, 9 deg.
    If yes, try moving fin forward to .730 and see how it feels.
  • mcskier41mcskier41 Posts: 76 Baller
    Yes, to confirm i am running those settings and ski has been pretty good. Thanks!
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