Ski for my 16yo son -- 5'6", 115lbs

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I'm looking for advice on a slalom ski for my son. He's 5'6", 115 lbs and still growing. He is just getting into the course and has good form so far -- ski's at 28-29mph and can make 2-3 balls. Any advice on a ski that would work for him? Thank you.


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    I would say to grab him a used D3....I say used because at that age you will likely be going through skis fairly often.
    @Bruce_Butterfield can give you more specific advice about size and what models to consider.
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    i Would say something in the wider family like a Radar Senate, Union or Katana even in probably a 67 given he is going to grow.

    The other thing is to slow the boat way down. He should be going no faster than 24 mph to start maybe even 22. That will get him to get around more buoys. 28 or 29 is way to fast to start out. Having enough support to get around buoys without sinking is important.
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    Chef beat me, but he’s on track, especially with slowing down.

    I think you can pick a few year old D3 or Radar in the 66-67” range. Size is more important than model at this stage.

    Spend time freeskiing and practice getting even with the boat on both sides. When trying the course ignore the gates and pull out as wide as he can on 1 ball and turn it tight and start the course from there. After he can consistently make all 6, then start the gates but cheat on them by at least 5 feet and gradually get closer. Most importantly slow the boat down. With the right size ski, probably 24-25 mph to start.
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    i have a 67inch 2017 radar senate alloy i'm selling its a great ski to start skiing the course on
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    What's he on right now?

    You're in a great position where he is still growing. You can get him something big enough that it will allow him to slow down a lot as mentioned above while he is still 115 pounds. Later, as he gains more weight, and starts going faster, the ski will still be the right size.

    If he's already on a ski that can still support the slower speeds, then who says he needs a new ski at all? Just slow down and he will start nailing the 24 and/or 26 mph passes.
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    Thanks for all the advice. He’s on a 63 Connelly now, maxing it out. He’s doing well on it so we’ll keep him on it for this year, see how much he grows and demo some in the spring. I agree that sizing will be key. We’ll buy used so we can get one that will fit him now, not a big one to grow into.
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    Oh wow. yeah, most 63" skis will not support 115 pounds very well as you drop down to 24 and 26 mph.
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    He needs to be on a 66-67 inch ski now - so you can slow way down. A 63 inch traditionally shaped ski is for someone running the course at 34-36 mph.
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