Do we take Skiing too Serious??

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Watching this video from the days when everyone wanted to ski or did ski, it hit me that what they were showing was people having fun! Many people on this site discuss how to grow the sport again, I think the key is selling FUN!
I don't think anyone that has never been on a SL ski and watches a SL tournament will be "Oh I want to try that" but showing people the fun side of the sport will get more people skiing!


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    Neither me nor my friends are competitive skiers, but I have skied with both kinds, I.e. despite level, either they are cranky, or they know how to have a good time. I have skied with some INT level, casual competitors. Some are never happy. "Dont sit there, sit there, you are messing with the wake, why did you not get lined up with the course that pass, you were off speed..." And I've skied with just as good skiers who are much more chill and realize its not the end of the world if every little thing is not perfect. Again, neither I or them are 39 off skiers, so its much more fun when you let it be fun. I can see a serious competitor wanting everything just right, but otherwise....

    Saved these two clips off an old thread here. Thought they were pretty good summaries of the appeal of surfing over skiing.

    In another recent thread, someone asked the question, "how can I get my surfer friends into skiing?" One of the answers was show them someone running 35 or 38 off. I dont think that would impress a non skier. They really wouldnt recognize or maybe a better word is appreciate the difference between a 15 off run and a 38 off run. I think you have to be a skier for a while to appreciate it. Although we have a blast doing it, the blast is derived more from the satisfaction of accomplishment than it is the thrill of the ride. I have had the recent pleasure of having a non skier join a skier bud of mine and me on a weekly outing. The nonskier quickly mastered his two skis and is now ready to move to one. He really enjoyed starting out and looking forward to progressing. I think that is rare. I think a lot of people learn 2 skis (those that are willing to try skiing vs wakeboarding) and find it boring and have no interest in moving on.

    I rambled on a bit. I'm not sure, but I think there was a point or 2 somewhere in there.
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    they need to bring back waterski shows. i got the bug as a kid after watching shows at Marine World. Unfortunately six flags got rid of the show.
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    What do you mean by that
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    @LoopSki Kind of cool to go to janesville when they do show ski worlds. wore a college ski team shirt and had a crap load of questions about it.
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    Carl Addington, Lakes of Katy, Texas
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    We have ski shows all over WI. We'll have DD ski boats all over the public lakes. Correlation?? Maybe?

    To answer the question: No, I personally don't
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    I have asked myself, 'am I really having fun'? Usually as a result of arriving at the lake with way too high of expectations or super frustrated at how hard it is to be consistent at this sport -at my opening (and next line length). Know what I mean?

    Then of course you have the coaches' in the boat. All mean well, but some give you way too much to think about Every pass............doesn't help.
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    You can't look at boat prices and say people don't take it too seriously
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    @Live2ski don't tell the guys at Mastercraft I said this but if you are not serious about your skiing you don't need a new boat

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    @Bruce_Butterfield next thing you know dogs and cats will be living in harmony.

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    **Opinion** probably a bad one
    Skiing, as a competitive sport, has never been helped by show skiing or Tony Klarich riding a picnic table. Those have always made skiing look like a stupid sideshow. Not that either of those things don’t take incredible work or talent, but they don’t help anyone take the “sport” aspect seriously.
    For recreational skiing, maybe both of those I mentioned are good things.
    Recreational skiing and competition skiing have almost zero in common and I just don’t see the “show” aspect doing anything for the “sport”.
    The pros who look like they are having fun have WORKED, like it’s a full time job, since childhood, to get that good. There’s no way to do that and not be serious.
    But, have fun doing it either way you do it. My boat has been running like crap for a month and because it’s been cold crap weather, I haven’t got the bug worked out. Even not running a pass I should run 60-70% of the time, because of the boat, I still had fun today. Not as much, but I had fun.
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    FWIW, I agree that they don’t need to be mutually exclusive. I grew up as an elite gymnast (probably the equivalent of a good 38 off skier) and fortunately paved my way through a D1 program and although I just recently got bit by the Slalom bug about a year ago, I already see a lot of similarities between the two sports. All the way from the technical dynamics of weight transfer, to the variations in the size of the sport over the past 30 years. If the sports aren’t taken seriously, there will be no forward progress in the elite. But if there was no fun in it, no one would even get to that level in the first place. (Sometimes the fun is just buried deep down, and occasionally really deep down.) There’s always a balance between the two, and I think that’s important to keep in mind when trying to explain the sport to someone you’re trying to pull in. I think that there’s both a place for fun and hardcore determination as well as a hybrid of the two. So when trying to grow the sport, I believe it’s about knowing your audience and emphasizing the aspects that you believe will appeal to them.

    Either way, I’m just pumped to get behind the boat and really learn how to ski this summer, I only have the means to free ski but I’ve had a brand new ski sitting in my room for a few months now and I fully intend to get as many hours on it as I possibly can. Hopefully sometime in the near future I’ll be able to find my way to a course.
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    You get out what you put terms of reaching potential.

    Some can ski really good scores without a lot of work, others have to work really hard for the same score. Both can be having fun in their own way. If some of those really gifted folks worked hard whoa boy the potential.

    I worked exceptionally hard in the gym, and the results showed at bench tournaments...I also reached what I believe is full potential there. Fun? For sure...I miss it but I'm past my prime and my body won't allow it anyway.

    Skiing I didn't work as hard, didn't buy a ZO boat--tho upgraded from a '89 MC with 240 hp specifically cuz that was SO different than tourneys to a PP bubble butt SN. I made rudimentary binding/fin/wing adjusts...basically running really tip heavy and clobbering turns. Seldom made adjustments.

    Did I reach my full skiing potential? No. Big fun? Yes. Is it too late? Yes, my spine has caught up with me. Satisfied on the PB front, yes.

    Both of the above were reaching potential and one less's not binary.
    Dave Ross--die cancer die
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    Serious and fun can happen at the same time and Serious isn’t synonymous with exclusive or unpersonable.
    On the water I will be serious, focused on a specific aspect and striving for improvement. In the boat I’m with friends or family so celebrate achievements and laugh at shortfalls, serious stops and it must be fun. If you sit or pout etc you aren’t fun and probably would see dwindling opportunities.

    As with anything it is a personal connection between serious and fun. For my kids it’s more fun to ski together behind the boat and have spray wars then ski one at a time working on technique. Fun can be the catalyst for involvement and some will develop into an enthusiast or obsession. I think that goes for any recreation which is why there’s such variety of activities and levels within those activities.
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    Yes ! For some Anal serious!
    Hobby Boats can be expensive when the hobbyist is limited on their own skill and expertise.

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    Of course we do but for me that is part of what makes it fun.
    Mark Shaffer
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    I got the bug watching Hot Summer Nights, thinking "I could totally do that!". Turns out I can't, but it's sure fun trying. Slalom course skiing reminds me of those old video games where you never actually win. You just keep trying to get to the next level, and when you do, there's another even harder level. Water skiing is more than just fun. It's like and addiction/craving that your body just needs to do. It's very hard to understand people that just want to go for a boat ride without having someone in tow. And they can't understand us:).
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    " the key is selling fun" - right, $100,000 boats without a trailer that should definitely move the needle in the right direction. Good luck on that one.
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    I tend to be pretty serious about getting my ski time, I try to not be too serious from set to set, you won't always set or get to your pb, plenty of days it's pretty windy, but screw it, go ski. If it's really cranking drop the boat speed and see what you can do. The season is a bit short around here as it is. It's always way better than shoveling snow!!
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    Yes and No. When I am at the lake it's always about having fun, even if I ski terrible. When I am off the water, I over analyze what I could be doing different to get around more buoys. But I think that's part of the addiction and I am okay with it.
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