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What have you done for you local boat dealer?

HortonHorton Posts: 28,780 Administrator
edited March 2019 in Rules/Politics/Issues
Most Promo boats are on the books at a dealership. For MasterCraft and Nautique the promo person has paid a deposit and may hold the title but it is really the dealer that is at financial risk. I think Malibu has a similar program but am not sure.

In most cases the average tournament skier does not have any idea where the boat came from (unless they ask).

So my question is - what have you done for the dealer who has his money tied up in the promo boat you get at your local tournament?

Might not sound like much but walking into that dealership and telling the manager how much you appreciate the promo boat is actually a big deal. While you are there get some boat cleaning chems or other generic stuff you normally get off Amazon. ( Don’t be silly - if you need a ski, vest or wetsuit call @PerfSki )

AND HOLY CRAP - if the day comes that you need a new or late model boat PLEASE give the dealer that provides the local Promo boats first crack at your business!

The point is we use these boats at events and so many skiers take it for granted.
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  • DragoDrago Posts: 1,588 Mega Baller
    Visited, talked up, and purchased from the Colorado dealer that promo'ed Malibu. They dropped the program anyway
    SR SL Judge & Driver (“a driver who is super late on the wheel and is out of sync”)
  • lpskierlpskier Posts: 2,699 Mega Baller
    Just bought my fifth Nautique from mine. I buy just about all my ski gear from him. This will also be summer 19 as ski partners. Fogarty’s Lake Flower Marina/H2OPROSHOP.COM
    John Wilkins- Si non pro sanguine quem ludus ne. #iskiconnelly
  • LoopSkiLoopSki Posts: 638 Crazy Baller
    I supported WaterSki World in Rocklin CA yesterday. New vests for me and my son. Don't know if NorCal Mastercraft has any gear in the new Rocklin spot. Their last location didnt have anything
  • markchilcuttmarkchilcutt Posts: 944 Crazy Baller
    The Utah Mastercraft promo boat was paid for in full by the promo guy.
    The promo guy has an agreement that he can return the boat for full reimbursement after 12 months or keep the boat.
    No brainer if you have the extra coin sitting around and want to rock the tightest boat in the industry.
    Ski it if you can!!!!
  • LakeOneSkierLakeOneSkier Posts: 276 Baller
    edited March 2019
    My last two boats were promos (one from No. CA, one from OR). Not that I buy boats often but I will always buy a promo.

    My 'local' dealer is Liquid Edge/Doug Meeker in Farmer City, IL. No offense to PerfSki and the other BOS advertisers but Doug gets all my ski, vest, shirts, wetsuit. etc. business. I may pay a bit more but he has a wide selection of product that I can see and test before I buy. And if nothing else I enjoy talking to Doug when I visit his store, great guy with a lot of boat/ski knowledge.

    Only exception are ropes and handles, Masterline has treated me very well. :-)
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