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2018 Travers Grand Prix

HortonHorton Posts: 30,790 Administrator

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  • skiepskiep Posts: 357 Crazy Baller
    I'll be there again this year!!
  • JetsetrJetsetr Posts: 483 ★★★Triple Panda Award Recipient ★★★
    Suck at skiing but a pro driver and damn good shooter...invite???
  • WishWish Posts: 8,295 ★★★Triple Panda Award Recipient ★★★
    Wow..what a great video. Marcus is an artist. That was hands down the funnest tournament I've ever been to. Wish I could make it this year but life commitments has taken me out. If there are any spots left, jump on it. Even if you have to travel and grab a hotel. The fact that it's handicapped means anyone can win. The team aspect is fantastic. Oh...and if you think pro skiers are competitive on the water...HA!!!..then you have not seen them cart. 😳😮😖
    >>> 11.25..a different kettle of fish. <<<
  • ISP6ballISP6ball Posts: 227 Baller
    Looks like an awesome event!! know you have too much money when you blast a $1000 drone out of the sky with a shotgun.
  • motoskiermotoskier Posts: 45 Baller
    That was awesome, I think there should be a B.O.S. Grand Prix, maybe skiing, cat fishing and golf cart racing
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