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Was playing around on Ski-it-Again today and was looking as some of the reasonably priced homes for sale in CA. Specifically in Newberry Springs and Bakersfield. From just a quick view there are a half a dozen lake sites, many multi lake sites, in Newberry Springs and with S CA weather you have the benefits of skiing year around. However the area appears to lack much infrastructure and with the closest major city of San Bernardino a little over an hour away it has me wondering what you would do for work? Bakersfield I understand as it is a larger city with apparent industry to support a common living..but the Barstow area? Are we talking remote work, or longer commutes into the city, retirement?

I work in the construction industry and report to an office or jobsite daily but with all of these beautiful ski sites available in more remote yet beautiful areas had me wondering how I could support it while not sacrificing 2-3+ hours of my day getting to and from work....


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    keep in mind alot of those low priced homes are non deeded and are vacation get aways.
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    I know there are several lots/homes for sale at Ski West in Arvin (Bakersfield.) Ski West is a weekend get away, in fact you cannot live full time on our property. Most of the owners live 1-2 hours away. A few have homes in Bakersfield area. Pretty hard to find rides midweek since nobody is around. Lots of construction work in the Valencia area which is about 50 minutes away.
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    @akale15 You could buy my lake project in Mecca. Lots of building happening in the Coachella Valley / Palm Springs area so you will find work reasonably close. You will cook in the summer's brutal heat.

    Barstow is hotter than .... in summer, cold in winter and windy the rest of the time. Rough remote place to live.

    Bakersfield, well people in Fresno acknowledge that they live in the armpit of California. At least they are better off than Bakersfield. So you can figure out what anatomical part Bakersfield is.

    Given California home prices, people do live in Barstow or Bakersfield and have horrendous drives to work. Might as well enjoy skiing in that situation.


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